questionsany tips for running outdoors in the winter?


I'm not a huge runner, but I did train for a marathon through last winter so I'll throw my two cents in.

I loved my Under Armour long leggings. My husband loved his Under Armour long leggings. I paired those with a long sleeve tech shirt, the inner layer of an older Columbia 3-in-1 jacket, and a New Balance hat and gloves. I think the lowest I went out was about 6F. After a few minutes of jogging, I didn't feel cold.

I found the potential issues with winter jogging to be:
1. Runny nose - exercising in cold weather sets my nose off; carry tissues
2. Dry air - my lungs would let me know; drinking water helped
3. Heat regulation - I'm sweating and I want to take off my jacket and gloves; I still did it, but it was probably a poor idea
4. Frostbite - if the weather is warning about frostbite risks, you are still at risk even if you feel warm; I just stopped going out when it was windy



5. Sidewalk clearing (or lack thereof) - I discovered a deep dislike of specific people without ever meeting them or even knowing their gender
6. Running in cold rain/freezing rain/sleet - don't do it
7. Stretching is actually important - I'm bad on doing prestretching routines, but I learned not to skip them in the winter.
8. Cool down - I prefered to do just a minute or two of cool down outside before heading in to finish; freezing temps seep in fast especially ears and toes

Even with all that, I enjoy winter jogging so much more than summer. Have fun!


I agree with everything you said, under armour is the best. Also a face mask for those REALLY frigid days so you don't destroy your lungs. I do not run, but hubby is one of the top runners in the area, and when the snow builds up he runs in the park. Good Luck!


@travelchic75: @gigi889: I appreciate advice! I'm also thinking of investing in some Yaxtrax ( ) for traction. Any experience with these or similar models?


Yes, please wear clothes. Your parts can stick to icy objects.


@danthonyross: Sorry, didn't get the notification by email.

I bought Yak Trax when they first came out for just normal day to day use. I hated them. They were difficult to put on my boots. They didn't seem to help with my traction in most cases, and if you wore them on a smooth floor going in our out of a building they were worse than being on ice.

I don't think a normal running shoe would be sturdy enough for them, but it should work for trailrunners. I prefer running shoes over trailrunners myself and just accept that I'll need to purchase new ones in the spring.

My solution instead of Yak Trax was to avoid the snow/ice pack where possible, run on soft snow if necessary (not that much different than running in sand), and being very cautious when I had to cross sections of ice or packed snow. I did a few runs on snow-covered rails-to-trails, and the previous worked fine except for the eventual wet feet and slow times.