questionsif best buy & amazon had the same price on a deal…


I have to pay taxes at both of those stores, so I would purchase at the place where I receive the best deal. In most cases, it would be Best Buy just because I get an additional cashback bonus with Shop Discover and very few programs (Fat Wallet, ebates, Shop Discover, etc) give additional rebates for purchasing at Amazon. Though if I want it quickly and it is not in stock at BB, I will purchase from Amazon as I have Prime.


If it was an emergency and I needed it immediately, I'd get it from my local Best Buy store.

Otherwise, I'd get it from Amazon on general principles. Best Buy screwed me royally on a credit card deal years ago, it took me months of agony to get it straightened out. So I will do anything I possibly can never to shop at Best Buy.


Exact same price, taxes/shipping included? I'd probably go to BB, just to have it immediately. Note: This never happens. When I need something I can get at BB, I go there first. I then go to wherever else that thing is available, and it's always cheaper. I like BB. I used to work there, and it was a lot of fun. They're just more expensive than other places in my experience.


Best Buy gets hammered in The Consumerist blog over and over again for a variety of issues ranging from illogical staffing responsibilities to horrific return policies. My limited experiences with Best Buy have been unsatisfactory and their prices are always higher when I've compared between Best Buy and just about anywhere.

OTOH, I've had nothing but positive experiences with amazon, even when something has gone wrong. So for me, there's no question between buying from amazon and Best Buy - and it has nothing to do with taxes.


@neuropsychosocial: i agree w/you for the most part. if you want to walk into a store & find help deciding on anything, Best Buy is The Worst place to go. Their staff is saddled w/covering areas they know nothing about, which leads me to being pissed. Admittedly, it has been YEARS since I walked into a BB looking for help, but I'm told they are still just as bad (by my local friends who don't know better, even after I tell them otherwise)

I've never had to return to BB, so i can't speak to their return policy, but it sounds horrific on the receipts (from the online-only purchases i make from them, time to time) I've heard it rivals the Target special event return policy, which is legendarily terrible.

On the plus side, Amazon seems to be pretty quick to meet/beat any BB pricing, especially assuming that someone reports the better price via the link on the item page. I really feel like we could make Amazon match everything if we're quick enough, but it takes a community...


I don't live anywhere near a BB so no choice. Frankly, I don't even know if they sell on line.

I do shop at Amazon quite a bit. However, I still support my local business owners ( especially the independent book store). Sometimes I see something I want online and then go downtown and shop for it. I know a lot of people do the opposite. Find something at the local store and then buy cheaper on line. I try to look at what the costs are beyond the price tag.


Every time I go into a Best Buy I feel like I walked into the devils workshop. It's filled with imcompetence and sleazy salespeople. The "customer service dept" is a joke and their policies of re-stocking fees are the biggest ripoff in the industry. Amazon has everything I want, huge selection, amazing prices, access to extended warranties, customer service via email or phone, the lowest prices around and then the most liberal return/exchange policy of all retailers. I would never buy anywhere but Amazon and if I had to, believe me, Best Buy would be the last place I would go.


I believe Best Buy has a policy that they will match Amazon prices as long as it's sold by Amazon and Fulfilled by Amazon and not by somebody in the Marketplace.

So I'd rather buy from a local store so I can get it right away. Amazon sells a lot of stuff that is not in Best Buy so it's pretty rare for me to go into that store now just because of the lack of variety. They tend to cater to the lower end consumers and rarely have the pro equipment that I enjoy.


Amazon. Since I am a prime member shipping gets to me quicker. Also, with some of the recent changes (return policies) over at best buy I try to avoid them.


Amazon, primarily because I've never had a problem with their customer service, pricing, or merchandise, and also because I have Prime so shipping is fast.

In defense of Best Buy: I have had to make returns to Best Buy, and my experience at my local store has always been positive. The staff was friendly, asked me the usual "reason for return" question, and processed my return immediately. I've always found their floor staff to be courteous and friendly, and although they don't usually seem to know all that much about technical matters they've done their best to help me.


I am a former employee of a now-extinct competitor to Best Buy. I know how retail employees are chronically screwed over by idiodic policies handed down from above. I empathize with being overworked and underpaid. If I already know the item I want, and I know they have it in stock for the same price as online, I will generally go to the brick & mortar retailer out of solidarity. If we had a competitor in town to Best Buy I would give them a chance at my business as well, but where I live no such competitor exists.

I have also used BB a fair bit lately for their electronics recycling program. I have been cleaning out my house and they take all sorts of things that I needed to get rid of but did not want to throw into the regular waste stream.


I grok that you are trying to make this a tax thing, but my answer is Amazon, my answer would be Amazon if they charged taxes, my answer would even be Amazon if their price were a few bucks higher.

I have had bad experiences with Best Buy. Every time, their attitude is "Dude, what did you expect, we're a big box store". I have also had bad experiences with Amazon. Every time, their attitude is "Oh crap, we're really sorry, please let us make it up to you". Every time they make it right, and often they go an extra step to make absolutely certain I am satisfied.

Let me make myself perfectly clear here...I would rather go to WALMART than Best Buy, that is how badly they have screwed me.


The last time I shopped at Best Buy was about 2 years ago when I needed a new TV. My old TV had completely died so it was (kind of) an emergency. After picking out the perfect TV, I asked them to go get it from the back but they came back empty handed. I searched for a comparable TV and sent the employee back to the stock room. Once again- not in stock. This happened 2 more times (each time with an offer of ordering it and free in-store pickup within a week) before I decided that waiting 2 days for shipping the rest of my life would never be worse than stepping into this store ever again.


When Best Buy has a really great deal I wait for Amazon or someone else to match it. If nobody matches it I just don't buy it.


I find it interesting that this has turned into a "online vs. B&M" discussion.
I guess the OP assumed that in the question?

Anyway, complaints of "incompetent nincompoop salesforce" shouldn't really apply, since Amazon has none to compare with. Maybe BB online vs Amazon instead? To which I say: Amazon, because BB online lacks polish and many times product details.

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Although I have not had the horrible Best Buy experiences other point to, my experiences there aren't great either. Its poorly staffed, expensive unless you price compare, and stocked with mediocre stuff half the time. Poor customer service, and s rewards program so much a PITA that I don't bother with it.

Online I to to Ebay, Amz, monoprice, and a few other excellent places. Locally, Walmart, Frys, Dollar General and Radio Shack for some items, and local merchants, esp bookstores having sales.

For more items I go online 1st unless I need it immediately.

If I feared I might need to return something, Amazon. Excellent customer service every time.


I think Amazon. I generally don't mind having to wait a couple days to get something. I don't even know where the closest Best Buy around me is. I know the closest Target for instance is about a half hour away. If that's the case I'd much rather just be lazy about it and wait a couple of days instead of spending an hour plus just to get the item.

I'd never thought about tax (shows you how much in person shopping I do) but that would be a factor for me too. The only time I really purchase in stores is immediate need or impulse. If it's something I'd get from Best Buy, chances are it doesn't fall into the immediate need category.


Which one gives me instant streaming for $79 and as a bonus will deliver almost whatever to my house within 2 days for free?


Amazon for all the reasons already stated.


I find the sales pressure comments puzzling, I've seen quite the opposite at Best Buy:

When shopping at christmas, I described the blu-ray needs of my parents, and the salesperson talked me down to a lower model that met their needs.

Since they don't make a comission, when you find people who are semi-smart and paying attention, they'll give me tips on how often items go on sale, or if it's really a deal right now. I've found them far more driven just to see me happy, then to spend my money for me.


@lparsons42: Thanks for the reminder on the recycling at Best Buy. I bring items there for that purpose too.

Also, I recycle cardboard at Walmart. I'm not a huge fan of the big box stores, but I do appreciate when they take steps that help us all reduce our footprint.


Best Buy's return policy is useless to the consumer. I'd go with Amazon, they have always worked to make it right if anything goes wrong with me order. Best Buy was absolutely sleezy with us during a TV warranty issue.
I live in NY, I'm pretty sure we pay taxes on our taxes, so that's a non issue for me.


@samstag: If you call or chat with Amazon CS, they will match any advertised online price from most places. They won't match if it has a store issued rebate though.

I would shop anywhere except BB for all the stated reasons. Amazon is awesome. Fry's is great if you need info or parts on pc's or electronics. As I hate shopping at b&m stores (too many people) I stick to online shopping except for clothes. I generally have those made, as it is almost impossible to find off the rack clothes to fit except for t-shirts.


If I needed it same day, BB; otherwise, I'd definitely order from Amazon.
I order a lot from Amazon, so it's easy to go there and track expenses and purchases rather than try to remember where I bought it and then login there and look through purchase history.
I also really like Amazon's "Instant Order Update" -- when you look at a product (for instance a movie) it pops up saying "You've already ordered this -- click here to view this order".
I have Prime, so it's free shipping for most everything and they do not require me to pay tax -- two big pluses.


if its a small purchase where i don't really care about the 7% tax, or an expensive enough purchase where i'm worried someone will steal it from my doorstep, AND store pickup is available for best buy, then Best buy. otherwise amazon


There are a lot of good arguments here against Best Buy, so here's one for it. They employ people in your community. They may be crap jobs, but they are jobs, and in my community those are precious assets. All things being equal, or even just a little lopsided, I will go with the local brick and mortar store over the online store to support employment in my home community. The instant gratification of immediately getting my stuff is an added bonus.


If there is a remote possibility of having to return an item, I will make the purchase at Best Buy. If a gift I bought turns out to be a duplicate and I need to return it, I have to pay return shipping at Amazon and in the past it has taken me several bouts of arguing to get a full refund from Amazon (they wanted to charge me 50% of the cost to return an unopened item).


Best Buy. I get Rewards for it and that equals free stuff.


Just about everyone in this topic seems anti-Best Buy, and I'm in a debate mood, so I'll play a little devil's advocate here.

First, I'm not sure why many of you seem to bash the sales floor staff because of their ignorance or lack of help, as you might feel. Amazon has zero sales support to give you additional information or help you decided on a product.

Next, everyone seems to take advantage of the fact you can most generally play with/touch/use the product you're thinking of purchasing before actually buying it. On top of that, you can generally compare it side-by-side with competitive like models before making your decision. The value of this cannot be underestimated. Then have them price-match Amazon's, Newegg's, Tiger Direct's, etc price and move on.

Lastly, let's please remember that each employee of Best Buy is different. While most certainly some are above theirs heads scrubbing a toilet, others are damn-near experts in their field, generally at an age of <25.