questionshow can i become one of the top reputations?


Start with a purchase on one of the other woot sites; that gives you votes on deals and comments. Find good deals and....awww, heck.....just read this.


@jsimsace: you forgot one important step: don't ask about reputation. it will get you downvoted.


@jsimsace: Thanks! I wasn't the one asking the question, but I had never seen that page before.


oh, well...thanks!! I didnt know about it, but I understand it now...
downvoted is serious....


@honeybaby520: downvoting is not serious. it happens. everyone here has crappy days and sometimes they just like to dog pile on things. unfortunately this is one of the more commonly asked questions that everyone likes to downvote. it's the "i'm past that" line of thinking. everyone will get downvoted for something, whether it's because you posted a bad deal, didn't give details, posted from a site that someone doesn't like, someone has a feather up their butt, doesn't matter it happens. learn to let it roll off your back and don't worry about it.

btw: welcome to deals.woot. we are a (relatively) friendly and welcoming community that accepts all.


Dear moosezilla, I'm sorry to reply you so late, and thank you so much! You're very nice and friendly to me ^-^.
Thank you again for all that you told me about woot, as i'm new here, your help is very important to me!
Hehe ^-^
I will try my best to be familiar with woot.