questionsshould we remove the voting buttons from the list…


Actually, I think this is a pretty good idea. Too many people just do a "hit and run" vote and don't even bother to read what the deal is about/if it is a duplicate/if it is even still available/etc.

However, in the real world, I don't think this change would even be considered. This is a hurry-up world.

Sorry, for all the down votes. (I wonder if people even bothered to take the time to read your comment.)


I'd say editing your question to read "should you have to open a deal in order to vote" would get a better response since as the PP noted, it is likely most are not opening this, since a very similar question was discussed yesterday.... Up voting you.


Up-voting this too. Actually, this is a very good idea.

For example: I use SlickDeals "simple" view to give me a summary of all the frontpage deals by date. To actually vote on a deal, you have to open it up first. I never vote on the un-collapsed page, I always click on the comments and view the thread before casting a vote.

This would definitely slow down the spam voting here on DW.


@kschouten: I have no problems modifying the idea or changing it around in any way. This was just intended to be a little brainstorm session. But I can see the majority of people either A) Don't want this (which I really have a hard time understanding why) B) Spam-vote the living crap out of the deals everyday and don't want to spend more than 30 seconds doing it.

To those that downvote, you're obviously entitled to your opinion. At least have the cojones to speak up and tell us why.