questionswhat do you do if you get someone else's mail…


When I get someone else's item I deliver it to them if it is a neighbor. If the correct recipient is distant I return it to the delivery company to try again. In your case, you should definitely contact the shipper and shipping company and complain. Since you were not home there is a chance it is being held for you and you missed the notice.


If I get something that isn't mine, I try to find the proper recipient, no matter what the package is. My dad considers keeping a dollar too much in change from the store to be stealing and he's instilled that value in me. If it's something I really liked, I'd still try to find the rightful owner, but ask them where they got such an item from.


You should definitely contact the vendor if you haven't already.

I don't open other people's mail/parcels. If it is convenient to do so, I'll deliver it myself, as I know that sometimes mail/packages are time sensitive. If not ...well, so far I've not received anything that isn't convenient or light enough for me to deliver myself after having received it by mistake.


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I stick it on the table near the front door of the building. Packages usually disappear, dunno if they're getting to the right person or not.

Envelopes, particularly envelopes which appear to contain bills never get touched- there's actually a decent sized pile of them there now.


I contact the sender and. . .SET IT ASIDE! I have lived in apartments in most of my adult life and it annoys me when my neighbor gets a package of mine by accident and opens it up. I ordered a pocketknife once and the black blade was all scratched because the hillbilly neighbor of mine decided to see what he could cut with the knife he just got misdelivered.


Have you tried you apartment office? I've had several packages 'delivered' while I was out which somehow ended up there. Depending on who was working that day, I may or may not ever get a notice that a package arrived. I once stopped by to pay rent and the girl working the counter recognized me and gave me a package she had found that someone had shoved in a corner in the back office a week earlier. >.<


Once I did get a package for a person down the street but am so used to getting packages delivered to me I opened it and did not realize it until I dumped the contents of the manila envelope in to my hand to find some kind of pills.

Luckily I opened it fairly cleanly just applied some tape and delivered it to the intended recipient under cover of darkness at 3 AM.


@gideonfrost: I have done this also. I also opened a financial letter once w/o realizing it was for a neighbor. I had a very difficult infant at the time who I'd pass envelopes to right away, to tear up as he pleased, so I'd have time to look at my mail. The result was, as soon as he started demolishing the envelope I realized it wasn't for me. Grabbed it from him, tried to make it as presentable as possible, then wrote a note to the neighbor on what had occurred.

To answer the OP, I always walk it over to the proper recipient. I periodically get packages/mail for someone who has a similar address several streets away. It just gives me an excuse for another walk. Recently, when I was bringing a package I didn't want to leave outside & seeing the owners home, I knocked and explained to them why they might be getting things at odd hours.


I occasionally get various things from different neighbors delivered to me by mistake. About the only time I do anything other than deliver it to the proper person or mark it return to sender is, if it's an interesting magazine, I might read it first.


This happened to a co-worker of mine, but the package was actually address to him! It was something worth quite a bit more than chocolate as well, so he's perplexed what to do. It was gift wrapped directly from Amazon with no price or who it was from other than that card that says "Tony". If the label had someone else's name, then it would clearly be UPS's error, but it says his name on the package!


At the last apartment complex I lived in, any and all packages were delivered to the front office. The office would then slide a note under your door to let you know that a package had arrived. This took care of the many issues of people having packages stolen.

The only major issue was the office was open 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday, and "by appointment" on Saturdays. Closed Sunday. So, if you worked 8am to 5pm such as my wife and I, you were never able to pick up the package from the front office.

I became friends with the lady that ran the office because my wife helped their pets with some heal issues (wife is a vet tech). So, if we ever got a package, I gave her permission to key into my apartment and leave it just inside the door :)

Now, in my house, if it's for someone close by, I will deliver it to the correct home. If it's nowhere close, I write "Wrong address" Or "return to sender" and leave it by my mailbox.


@gideonfrost: Actually, this happened to me once too. I got a bill from a credit-card company, which I have an account with. I opened the bill, only to find that it was a staggering 4k+...and I thought someone had ripped off my account or something. Then I looked closer and realized it was my across-the-hall neighbor's bill, and the mailman just made a mistake. I also taped it up and stuck it under their door late at night ;)


@liss: Maybe Tony has a secret admirer????


I tried to get USPS to come pick up a package they left on my doorstep that didn't belong to me. They told me I couldn't leave it on the porch for them to pick up because it might get stolen. I said "So, it was safe for you to leave it unattended on my porch when you delivered it, but it's not safe for me to leave it on my porch for you to come pick it up? How does that even make sense?" He just repeated that I was not allowed to leave it on the porch and made me go to the post office and wait in a 30 minute line just to drop it off. I was pissed.

For the record, I did try to just deliver it to the proper home myself, but I couldn't find the right house.