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The 2nd trimester is usually easier compared to the first and third. If she has experienced morning sickness and/or feeling queasy or dizzy, it usually subsides a lot into the 2nd trimester.

By the final stretch, things start to get more uncomfortable as baby puts on more and more weight. So the 3rd trimester can be iffy for long car rides due to achy back, need for rest stops, swelling legs, and heartburn.

I flew during my recent 2nd trimester and it was not difficult at all. So if she feels up for it, and there are no concerns from the doctor, have a nice trip.
Congratulations on 10 years together and on your 1st baby!


I flew to Vegas near the end of my second trimester. No problems at all. But you should always run it by the doctor before making the decision.


I would think that a major trip at the end of a 2nd trimester would be, at the very least, not much fun for either of you. Why not simply hold off and take the trip next year instead? You won't be breaking any cosmic laws of the universe by celebrating your 11th anniversary instead.


@starblind: Because then they'll have a baby to worry about.


If worried, talk with your doctor about it. If you do travel make sure you have items in the carry-on that would help her. Keep her hydrated and plan for accommodations, such as a slightly later connecting flight, so that there wouldn't be so much pressure on her during the travel. Think about spending the extra to upgrade your tickets for more room. It's the little things that would bother her the most, I'd think.

If you do, best of luck, and best wishes on the anniversary and expanding family.


I second @starblind's answer. Since this is your first child, and you're not quite sure how pregnancy will affect your wife as she gets further along, I'd say to hold off on the trip. While there probably aren't any major health risks directly from flying, traveling, planning a vacation, can be stressful in itself, now add pregnancy to the mix; being away from your physician, not knowing how to get to a local hospital if needed, adding in a foreign diet, etc. You might be adding a little too much stress, especially for your first pregnancy. If this was your 2nd or 3d or more pregnancy I'd say go for it, you should have a better idea of what pregnancy is like, and how it will affect your ability to function.

A babysitter for a future anniversary trip will be a lot less stressful. (@bsmith1)


All pregnancies are unique, so in general it is probably a good idea to stay flexible about your plans until closer to your anniversary so you can see how your wife is faring. A nice celebration before the baby changes your life forevermore would be lovely, but depending on how your wife feels, you may want to find a place closer to home.

That said I agree with the suggestions made by @xarous We had an unexpected and rushed job relocation when I was 6.5 months pregnant. The flight out to look at houses was fine, but on the trip back our plane was late at the connecting airport and we practically ran up one long concourse and down another to make our flight. By then I was overheated and badly in need of a bathroom, so I was quite disturbed to find the rear bathroom out of order, and the attendants not letting anyone use the front bathroom until after take-off. (Luckily, I managed to wait and didn't embarrass myself.) So, if you fly, definitely plan on time for connections


Thanks for the responses so far guys. I read through'em the other day with my wife and we both agreed that from what people are saying...this needing to pee thing seems to dictate an incredible amount of how we should work out the travel plans (that and possible leg cramps). So far she is handling things fairly well (though there is still the bout of nausea now and then) and it looks like we are waiting to see what the docs say a little further on in the pregnancy before making too many plans.