questionscan you help me find a good vacuum?


I have a Shark Navigator upright that I purchased on Woot. It is by far the best vacuum I have owned, and I do have a cat and dog, hardwood floors as well as carpeting. It does a magnificent job and is easy to use and very light. I have owned Oreck, Hoover, Roomba(bless its little heart), Miele - and this Shark wins hands down. I know there are lots of people here who swear by Dyson, but I have never used one. I will leave that for others to follow.


I have a little shark, and it packs a great suck. Price per power, couldn't beat it. If price weren't an issue, I'd go dor the dyson, but it is rather expensive.



I will probably end up going with a Shark since they're so highly recommended but I was hoping I could find a handheld with extensions.
Does anyone know of any besides a Dyson?


Yes, the Dyson stick is expensive but it is truly worth it. The Woot sites frequently sell them. Moofi had them a week ago for $250. My local Costco has the "Animal" version for just under $300. It comes with an additional power head for upholstery. I'm debating getting a second one.


I have an orginal Oreck XL that is over 10 years old, still as good as the day I got it.


One that doesn't suck? Ha! Best vacuum joke ever!


@jasmine: My Shark has a separate hose with tools for upholstery, the car, curtains, etc. It rides on the body of the machine and is effortless to use.


After going through a couple of bagless vacuum cleaners, I had enough of being a middleman between the dirt chamber and the garbage pail. So, I picked up this Panasonic a year or so ago and I'm very happy with it. It's currently available at a good price as well.

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