questionshow can i record tv from a tv used as a monitor?


There's no practical way to record from the TV. Just get yourself any PCI or USB tuner for under $30 unless you need special features other than simple single-channel over the air recording.

I use 2 cheap USB tuners and a cheap PCI tuner to get 3 channels of hi def content to my PC and record using widows media center.


I want to know where or how you got a FREE panasonic TV?!?


I bought a 55" Panasonic from Amazon and they had a promotion going on. I really have no need for this extra TV so I'm going to either use it as a monitor for my PC or sell it.


I recommend the HDHomerun by Silicon Dust. It's on sale a lot. It doesn't go inside your computer - it connects to your home network. So you can record from any computer on ethernet (or wireless N) in your home, and you can watch TV from any computer on ethernet or Wireless N in your home.

The above is assuming you use an Antenna for HD television, although there's a cable version of the HD Homerun. I use one connected to a dedicated computer in my living room running MythTV (a little hard to set up), but it works just as well with Windows Media Center on Windows 7.


@samstag: I already have a PCIe TV tuner card in the PC. I just want better quality recordings.


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