questionswhat are the best high-performance sweat socks…


if you are paying half that for a pair of sweatsocks you ARE richie rich


I use two $50 bills usually


I'll knit you some sweatsocks for $99.99 + free shipping


For $100 a pair, they better be able to do my running for me.


@llamabox: When you say sweat socks, do you mean socks that make you sweat and keep you warm (as in ski socks ) or do you mean socks that are cool and lightweight so you don't sweat or do you desire socks that are made out of the same fabric as sweatpants? It may just be where I'm from but I've never heard that phrase.


I've never seen any socks perform rim shot

If you are buying socks for $100, you're doing it wrong.


The last sweat socks I got were about $2 a pair, including shipping (it was a deal posted here, maybe last December or January).

The nicest sweat socks I've ever purchased were probably no more than $20 for a package of six pairs.

IMHO, if you're willing to pay even $10 for a pair of socks (sweat or otherwise), you either ARE Richie Rich or you are very very confused about what things should cost.