questionscheck out the napkin note someone left me


That's cool. Just curious though, which shirt were you wearing?


love when people recognize a woot or chive shirt!


@msklzannie: Ha! Can't believe I forgot that part. I'll chalk it up to coming home so late.

It was the easiest one to spot - The Binge. Amazing to me though with as many that have sold I've still never seen another one in the wild and I still get comments on it pretty much every time I wear it!


That's great! Maybe it was somebody here from AtC. So which one of you left bingo the note??

I get all excited when I see a Woot shirt out in the wild. A month or so ago, I was watching a local news segment and a guy in the shot was wearing Teacher Talks Funny. Of course it's like you're in on some secret joke, because no one else around would have any idea what you were talking about if you tried to explain it to them.


@pitamuffin: I admit, I was kinda hoping that posting it here would lead someone to an 'It was me!' post. :)


@bingo969: Well, it wasn't me, but the next time I spot someone in a Woot shirt, I will definitely leave him/her a note or something!


Awesome! Thanks for sharing this with us.