questionswhat's your preference: fried turkey or roasted?


it depends on how it's cooked. My mom cooks her turkeys with their backs up, so most of the baste runs to the breast meat of the bird. The dark meat gets a little gamey, but it's still good. The breast meat, however, is incredible. I haven't had much experience with deep fried turkey, but from what I've had, it's good. I guess I'm impartial really


If you like eating skin at all, deep fried is the way to go. Like turkey chicharrones!


Any turkey is good turkey....Mmmmmm.


@90mcg112: mmmmmmm, chicharrones, everytime I skip lunch there are all these questions or deals about FOOD! I think I UP voted ANYTHING that had to do with FOOD this afternoon!


Fry that bird! As long as you don't have a fiery mishap, I think fried is the way to go, every one that I've had has been moist and delicious. But hey, any turkey is good turkey!