questionswhat "buzzwords" should be included for tonights…


acracknophobia - fear of exposed butt crack.


America, freedom, the.

Hope no one plans on going to work or class tomorrow!


1 shot: planned parenthood, medicare, tax loophole, job creators, mathematics
2 shots: mountain climbing, immigration, stupid, Libya, marathon, gay, big bird
3 shots: %$@#!, _ is a liar (in that order), legitimate rape, indefinite detention, voter suppression
4 shots: If anything substantive is said.


Economy, jobs, debt.

If they use all 3 in a single sentence, the first person to yell "CHINA OWNS US" gets a free slap to everybody else who is playing. You probably want to elect a slap bet commissioner beforehand.


This is targeted for the Presidential debates only, but I think it a valid addition to this conversation:


You would be blasted out of your mind fairly quickly :-D


Start the night off with a gimme – Take a drink for each person or organization that your candidate thanks in his opening remarks.

If your candidate has any type of numbered or multi-step plan – Take one drink for each number.

Each time you see your candidate force an awkward grin or laugh while his opponent is insulting him or disparaging his policies – Take a drink.


Given all the hubbub over their previous omissions, we should add God, Jerusalem and the troops to the list. Maybe stimulus as well.


I just saw this link from cafepress, evidently they will keep their bingo card updated throughout the debate:


There's a debate tonight? What channel?


@jsimsace: Here, have a live stream. Debate starts at 9 EST


@iggz: FML, I don't get that channel. :(


Every interruption by Biden would have gotten you 80+ shots. Don't even want to think about if you counted his laughs.