questionsdo you jog in other people's yards?


The only time I run is when something is chasing me. But you are aware that in most communities your yard does not actually extend to the street? The area (in many neighborhoods it's the space between the sidewalk and the street) is called the "parkway", and it is City property. Should the City decide to widen the street they could use that land. You may want to check with your municipal authority on it. Most people landscape that area, especially those that don't have sidewalks. In my neighborhood most homes include the parkway in their front yard fence. But it's technically not our land. Your jogger may have been within his rights running on "yards" adjacent to the street if there was no sidewalk. When I walk my dog, I use sidewalks or the street if there are none, but if there is traffic I will walk on people's yards close to the curb for safety. Also if the sidewalk is broken by one yard I proceed between the two pieces of sidewalk rather than diverting to the street.


He may have joint problems that keep him off hard surfaces. Running on grass is a lot easier on your body.

Not that it isn't a little weird. I think if it were me I'd find a grassy park rather than trampling my neighbors' yards without asking them about it first.


Here's an article that may help to illuminate the matter:

"A lot of people look at the parkways as an extension of their frontyard, and it really has a different purpose and therefore has to be held to a different standard," said Lance Oishi, senior landscape architect for L.A.'s Bureau of Street Services.

Technically, parkways are part of the street, Oishi said. They are not private property, even though homeowners are required to maintain them.


Maybe he read somewhere that running on grass is better for your knees than running on concrete or asphalt. The jury is still out on that one.

He probably won't get hit by a car but he could twist his ankle in a hole. Might be safer to find a running trail somewhere or just run on the sidewalk like a normal person.


@moondrake: Same here in NY. We're required to maintain - but it's not ours. We also must shovel/maintain the sidewalks, that are city property.

If the guy was running where a sidewalk would/should be - I don't find that odd at all. If he's zigzagging through your lawn... well yes, that would be a cause for concern.


I run, and I usually run on the road or sidewalk, but that is just me. As was pointed out, more likely than not this gentleman was running on public right of way.

Some people prefer to run on grass, as it is softer than the road, however it isn't clear if that translates to fewer injuries. I don't like to run very much on grass, as I've wrecked by ankles when I was younger and I don't do well on uneven ground.

TL;DR: Deal with it, it's legal.


I don't think I've ever seen anyone run/jog in the street unless it was to avoid something. It's usually on the sidewalk. Does the street you live on not have sidewalks? Or is it that when you say "street" you mean sidewalk?

If he was running where a sidewalk would be but instead it's just a grassy extension of your lawn, I think that's fine.


Fun story:

Even though it is city property and we are required to maintain it, if someone trips/falls on the area, we--and not the city--can get sued. For example, in our city, we are required to have at least 1 tree in the front lawn and of the 3 trees the city approves for us to plant, the one we bought likes to lay long, shallow roots, which raised the sidewalk. If someone falls on the raised sidewalk, we can get sued.

We had sprinklers on the main part of the lawn spray out past the sidewalk onto the parkway area so we wouldn't have to manually spray it. We received a fine by a deputy protecting and serving by looking for wet sidewalks. If someone slipped on the wet concrete/grass, that was seen as us causing a hazard for pedestrians. The interesting thing? We ran the sprinklers at 2 in the morning and the Sheriff's office closes at 8 PM. We promptly reset the sprinklers to only spray the main lawn and let the parkway die which resulted in another fine.

Yay for home ownership.


It's rude yeah, but maybe he was just trying to preserve his knees... I've busted up my knees running once in awhile and had to avoid concrete from time to time. As long as he wasn't all uponz the middle of your front yard I wouldn't worry a ton about it... if he was stomping on your flowers and ripping your yard to shreds you'd be completely justified to have a huge problem with it. But otherwise it sounds like he's doing as much damage as you do when you walk on it. As in, little to none.


i only do it when there is a car coming on that side of the rode, otherwise its right on the white line i go!


I guess you have finally received a visit from THE YARDRUNNER who is trying to run through every yard there is without getting shot or bitten.


@mybestuser1: Are you maybe thinking of The Swimmer (1968) starring Burt Lancaster? "A tortured man reflects on past mistakes while swimming home through his neighbors' pools" - now that would be annoying!


@ginawoot: I was just trying to create a legend/myth for the fun.


@goatcrapp: Very large glue traps painted green or camo. Bear traps should be reserved for poachers who hunt on your property illegally


We have a big sidewalk around our property, so that scenario is no issue. We do have one dude who always cuts across our lawn (corner lot) when he walks his kid to and from school everyday. Congrats dude, you save 30 seconds each trip giving you 2 extra minutes a day 5 days a week. Use that time wisely!
Our cameras catch them every time. They don't litter and I don't really care about the lawn, so I have no problem with it. The damn dog walkers and littering kids, on the other hand... (shakes fist)