questionsis anyone ready to catch a flight to las vegas to…


I stopped by the Woot booth today but all I got was a 2012 calendar lol. Oh well I have enough Woot monkeys.


I need one of these! I have one of every woot monkey, even the woot games 2011 one!


I would be more interested in the bj table that @klozitshoper spoke of...unless that meant Blackjack. ;)


That would be awesome, but sadly not there.


I'm also hoping someone brings me back one, as I'm not one of the writers-on-the-spot.


i would love to go to CES even without possibility of amonkey, beign able to score a monkey would be an added bonus for me


I would love to go to CES one year. A Woot! monkey to top it would be the bomb.
Would love a CES monkey, but no trip for me.


@theoneill555: I am hoping to do the same next year!


@agingdragqueen: You are still our hero for just trying. :)

Next year, I'm going to CES and tracking down the woot booth!


@theoneill555: I swear it's not ME who would need the bribing, there's nothing I love more than sucking up to everyone who frequents our sites. I'm just not sure what their monkey plans are, but I promise to bug every possible person.

BUT please also know that I may not get a lot back, so to be fair (and depending how many I do get) I was going to do some sort of... not raffle, but you know, something like that. Also please note I have not actually checked with anyone "in charge" on this I'm just power/monkey hungry.


@agingdragqueen: What kinds of bribes do you need? Cookies? Coffee? Lunch?


@agingdragqueen: OMG, that will TOTALLY make up for the buggy BOC towels!!! xoxoxoxox


It would be fun to go...I can imagine you could amass quite a collection of free pens. :-)


I am trying so hard to get them to bring me back some so I can send them out to people who aren't able to go (by which I also mean me). But rest assured: the deals people are being thought of.


Don't care about the show too much - love the monkeys - but yeah, Vegas for a couple of shows, a good buffet, an hour at the slots and an hour at the bj table. Then on to Calif. to visit friends. Sounds great - too bad I have another obligation right now.


No. :(

LordWoot wants monkeys.


The spys in the woot warehouse didn't think there would be one this year. And I didn't not sign up for any passes. :(