questionsare you watching the first presidential debate?


Yep. Did you know there was a POTUS debate drinking game?

If we were drinking to this, we'd be well on our way.


Forget well on our way. They went over on the first question and have never caught up.


@daveinsocal: I meant well on our way to being hammered.


I'm in the ignore crowd. I'm watching Pygmy Texas Hold-Em on ESPN2.


No way. I actually value my sanity.


Honey booboo is going to be on south park later tonight. So we have something to look forward to.


@dontwantaname: Oh good, we aren't the only ones who can't wait until the debate is over so we can watch SouthPark... We thought we were bad people because we were way more excited about a "honey boo-boo" SP than listen to this debate.


During big national events that I don't want to sit through and yet am curious about, I read through my Twitter feed after/during for highlights + a sense of the reaction of that part of the universe.


Very uneventful and boring. Nothing new revealed, policy-wise.

44 looked a little...flummoxed at times, which is surprising considering how well he did in the 2008 debates. I guess it's a very different dynamic trying to get re-elected instead of running as a new candidate. I think Obama might be a little rougher in the second debate, because he was pretty soft on Romney this time.

There was a very weird exchange when Romney talked the role of gov't. and broke down a few phrases from the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and what they meant to him.

Even though I'm voting for the other guy, I have to say Romney did pretty well in this debate. No major gaffes, got his points across well and responded to Obama's criticisms quickly and deftly. Ironically, Romney looked more polished than Obama.

Watch the end when they all shake hands with each other's families. Obama just had the first lady with him and Romney brought up like 20 people. It was visually hilarious.


Ended up being the smirk v oh, that was tonight?