questionswho else got their hobbit book order canceled by…



Due to a lack of availability, we will not be able to obtain the following item(s) from your order:

J.R.R. Tolkien "The Hobbit (or There and Back Again)"

We've canceled the item(s) and apologize for the inconvenience. If you see a charge for the canceled item, we will refund you within 1-2 business days.

If you are still interested in purchasing this item, it may be available from other sellers. Please visit the detail page for this item below:




You still have some options available to purchase the item(s), or similar item(s):

- You can visit the product detail page(s) above to see if these item(s) are available from other sellers.

- You can purchase a different version of the original item:

"Hobbit Deluxe ed Hb" [Hardcover]

"The Hobbit" [Mass Market Paperback]

"The Hobbit: An Illustrated Edition of the Fantasy Classic" [Paperback]

Differences between your original item and our recommendations are typically minor but some things, such as the item's cost, may be different.

If you took advantage of a promotional offer when placing this order, this cancellation may affect your order's eligibility for that offer. If this is the case, please contact customer service:


So, needless to say, I'm super bummed.


You're meaning to tell me that the all-powerful Amazon wasn't able to fix this? They should've consulted with woot and taken a page from the "Nabigate" scandal back in December. Woot pulled through and was able to find hundreds (if not thousands) of a discontinued item. Amazon didn't even offer a credit? What a bunch of bums! I'm also confused as to the: "if you see a charge, we will refund it within 1-2 days." I thought it was against their policy to charge somebody for a product that hasn't left their warehouse?


@eraten: To be fair, Nabi2 wasn't discontinued: it was a new/current version, super-hot, very-hard-to-find item.

@thumperchick, it sounds like you're really disappointed. I hate the feeling when I'm excited about something and it doesn't work out like I'd thought it would. :(


This happened to me too. When they originally threatened to cancel my order, I complained and they gave me a $5 promo to "compensate for the inconvenience caused". Now that they've actually canceled it, my complaints continue! A fun excerpt:

"...The second point of confusion is a statement in the email sent today:

"Due to a lack of availability, we will not be able to obtain the following item(s) from your order:"

This statement contradicts the fact that the item is, in fact, available for purchase on your site (again, here is a link to the product page, which includes options for purchasing the item:

I understand that the price for you to obtain this item may have gone up, but it is still "available." It would seem that the right course of action is for you to obtain the item, ship it to me, and charge me for the original price of $8.49, to which we agreed when you listed the item for sale at that price and I placed the order."


I got the same email. So very disappointed. Anyone have a recommendation for a good edition of the book, preferably with the illustrations, that won't break a poor college student's budget?


I argued and argued until I spoke to a manager and got a $45 credit for items fulfilled by Amazon. The new version coming out in September 2013 is part of that, but I want to make sure they are comparable before I order that.

The entire chat is below (in multiple parts):

Part 1

You are now connected to Najwah from
You cancelled part of my order, which I ordered over a MONTH AGO. When I placed the order, it said the item would ship in 2-3 weeks. Obviously, it did not. The price for this item now is $40 more than when I ordered it.
I find this utterly unacceptable. Please provide me with the item at the price I paid for it.
Najwah:Hello.. I hope you're doing well today. My name is Najwah, I will be more than happy to assist you.
Me:Great, when can I expect my book then?
It is ridiculous that I am not receiving the book I ordered a month ago and being notified 2 weeks after it was promised to be shipped to me.


Part 2:
Najwah:Melanie, would you please give me a moment to look into this for you
Najwah:Melanie, are you referring to The Hobbit (or There and Back Again) ?
Is this the same item?
If so, Amazon still carries it, and you can add it to my order.
(at the original price)
Najwah:Okay Melanie, I can see what the problem is. The thing is that the particular one you ordered was sold and fulfilled by amazon and at that moment it did say that they would ship the item in 2 to 3 weeks however there is no stock at the moment so the order was cancelled, however you will be notified as soon as we have the item in stock.
The item is just sold by other sellers at the moment, at a ridiculously high price.


Part 3:
Me:The current moment is over 2 weeks after the item should have been shipped.
Amazon can give me $45 to purchase it again from one of these sellers, or it can add it at the original price to my order.
Don't make promises you can't keep.
Najwah:I am terribly sorry about this misunderstanding, however i am not authorized to issue you a $45 credit to order the books from other sellers
Me:Then can you put the book from another seller at the same price? Any time an item has been out of stock, I have been notified quickly after placing the order.
At this point, I should receive the item at the price I originally ordered it.
If you cannot do this either, please pass me (and this conversation, so I don't have to repeat myself) to someone who can.


Part 4:
Najwah:Melanie, I completely understand how frustrated you must be, however I really am unable to alter any prices of the sellers as it is their prices and coming from their specific locations, I have no control over the sellers pricing and neither does anyone else here. I really do apologize for this inconvenience caused.
Me:Please send me and this conversation to a manager.
Najwah:Melanie, please hold while i do so
A Customer Service Associate will be with you in a moment.
You are now connected to Nigel from
Nigel:Hello Melanie, my name is Nigel, I am part of the leadership team here at amazon. Would it be fine if I took a brief moment to read through your previous chat, so that I can get the gist of the query?
Me:Yes, please go ahead.


Part 5:
Nigel:Thank you, I will only take a few minutes.
Thank you so much for your patience, I understand your order was canceled due to our failure in fulfilling your order and you would like us to match the price offered by the sellers on our website, am I correct?
Me:Yes. Either that or give me a credit to make up the difference.
Nigel:I understand, however , I have to inform you that promotional credit cannot be used for items that are sold and shipped by third party sellers and can only be used on items sold and shipped by amazon, so if I issue you with the credit , it can only be used on your next purchase on qualifying items.Would that be fine Melanie?
Me:That would be fine. I shop at Amazon often.
What about for this item:
Nigel:Great! This one is eligible and promotional funds can be used towards its purchase.


Part 6:
Me:You yourselves are charging this much for the item.
Nigel:I will go ahead and issue you with the $45 promotional credit to make up for the inconvenience caused...I will also send you an email update for the change made. I apologize once again that your order was canceled.
Me:One last question
Me:There is another item on my order, and I originally qualified for super saving shipping
Will that still apply, now that my order is under $25?
Nigel:Is this for The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia?
Nigel:Sure, it still is eligible, and I can verify that you will not be charged for shipping on the order.
Me:Thank you very much, Nigel.
Have a great day!
Nigel:You're welcome, is there anything else I can do to assist today?
Me:Nope. I will look for the email later today.
Nigel:Awesome, thank you and you have yourself a great day too.
Nigel from has left the conversation.
Nigel from has left the conversation.


Crap. I only got 10 dollars, I should have fussed some more.


Victory! After an arduous chat with a customer service rep, I managed to obtain a $54 promotional credit (the difference between the lowest current third-party seller's price and the original price of $8.49 for which I placed the order). I'll spare you the gritty details of my chat, but basically I stuck to my guns, rejected their initial $10 offer, and insisted that to make it right, they should make up the difference for what I would need to pay to order it from a third-party.


I struck out across the board. I wasn't offered anything whatsoever, and when I pushed I was told, "This hasn't happened for any of our other customers." So, yeah. Amazon has me rethinking that whole "let's shop for most of our stuff on Amazon" thing. Now, off to discuss stopping Prime with the DH.


@thumperchick: Sorry... Nigel was great. The other guy wasn't going to give me anything. But, yeah... Amazon is really dumb sometimes.


@melanie314: I'm glad they did the right thing for you! I'm less then enthused with the people I spoke with and tomorrow, I'm going to go the next step with the feedback thing and let them call me. If they don't even attempt to make this right somehow, Then I'll just change my shopping habits. I spend too much money there on impulse anyway.


Woot! So, Amazon called me and took care of the issue. They apologized for having to go that far to get it taken care of and issued me a credit. I'm a happy camper. I'm more happy that the person on the phone was pretty great. :)


They offered me a $30 credit. I thought that was sufficient and said yes. Since I buy a lot on the Kindle, I asked for, and got, the offer as a Kindle credit. I am satisfied with their response, although I did asked them why their product search is so awful compared to Google or ebay. I didn't ask for a credit based on a poor implementation of advanced search tho :)