questionswho's going to transformers tonight?


I have to wait until the weekend, as I promised the kid that I would take him and he is stuck in the middle of nowhere until Friday. :(

But then, I have all next week, if I want to see it a second time. :)

Now I am off to make sure the other kid did not get into my Transformer collection.


@wickedd365: I'm confused a bit by your math. You say:

"East coast will get the midnight launch and everyone else will get it at that time in their time zone.
I.E I'm central so I get it at 9pm, west coast has 7pm showings."

If the east coast has it at midnight, and everyone else is getting it at the same time, then wouldn't you get it at 11PM, and the west coast at 9PM?


@shrdlu: That's what I was reading, I didn't do the math.
Who cares, we get to see it a day early.


Watching a movie in 3D makes me and my wallet sick.