questionscan guys wear vests?


Yes. Bowtie is optional but strongly recommended.


I don't. I never understood how my arms would be warm, just because my torso it.


Well, yes they can. But should they? To that I say no.


It's hard to say. I mean Shrek wears a vest. He's one of my least favorite Cartoon Characters. Goofy wears a vest. He's one of my favorite cartoon characters. It's really hard to follow a trend when there are such contradicting overtones.

And yes, I base most of my life off of what I see in children's cartoons. That's why I've started putting TNT bombs in my wife's dresser drawers. She's my nemesis!


Vests can be fashionable or functional or both if done right. Yes guys can wear vests.


A vest as outerwear is a fashion don't (patagonia fleece vests, shudder), but with a suit and under a blazer a vest can really set off an ensemble. A pocketwatch is a good addition to this look as well.


Sure, my fil wears them quite often... but it just kinda suits him.


Only if you're a coach whose players have a thing for getting free tattoos.


Not on it's own. That is just... (shudder)

I think men are very attractive when they have well-tailored pants, a corresponding dress shirt, and a vest and tie. To me, that is the male equivalent to "sexy librarian".


John Wayne did. So did Chuck Norris. 'nuff said.


You can and should (more tips) if you are in muscular shape as a male Chippendale's dancer working your way through medical school.


I used to have this argument with my wife all the time. My answer now is the same as it was back then. Vests are not to be worn for fashion unless it is part of a suit. The only time a vest may be worn seperate from a suit is when it serves a functional purpose. (provide warmth, extra cargo capacity, etc.)