questionsanybody watch the mayweather/cotto fight?


That mayweather is the kanye west of the boxing world ... really though mayweather's cockiness and arrogance is over-the-top but he still has that same smug look on his face in the late rounds which has to frustrate his opponents because he just can't be worn down. It was evident in this fight too. Mayweather let Cotto have his rounds but towards the end (especially the 12th round) Mayweather was landing what he needed and dodging when he had to. There was that one combo halfway through the 12th where I thought Cotto was going to drop. Good fight though and they showed respect after.


I dislike mayweather, but respect his skills. I was hoping cotto would knock him out.


Didn't see it, but I heard Cotto made Mayweather work for the win.

I also dislike Mayweather intensely, but I think that's the point of all of his talk and action. Because of that, I also like and respect him alot at the same time.


No. Haven't watched boxing since... Ali.
And I had a former titleholder live next door to me for 6 years (Casamayor)


What about that Mayweather/Pacquaio fight?! Seriously. This. Needs. To. Happen.

I didn't watch it.. but I checked the news right after.. so many things to do yesterday!