questionsdo you buy facebook gifts for people?


No, and it's getting very annoying, those and then the "suggested post" adds that try to make it look like your friends purchased something. I don't want believe people actually click on these links. On the otherhand all the stupid people that actually invested in Facebook need to get their money back somehow.


With real money? Why would you, with so many free e-card sites? I thought you were talking about those Facebook game gifts. I don't "facebook", I got a Facebook account because a photo site I used offered a free monthly photobook but you had to import the photos from Facebook. Immediately upon creating my account, I was flooded with emails saying "(Your friend) has sent you a cow". A cow? What am I going to do with an electronic cow? I had a whole herd of virtual cattle languishing in my mailbox and I would imagine they are no more than imaginary cow skeletons by now. I figured that was the sort of gift you were talking about.


For the life of me, I cannot figure out the Facebook allure.


I hate that Facebook can't be trusted at all on privacy. I won't give them or their partners any more info than they already have. I rarely log on there now.

If I am well invested in a relationship, I offer that person a personal call or text or gift, not a Facebook version. Just my opinion....


@ruger9mm: I agree 100%. I refuse to believe that as many of my friends as they claim have used gifts. I dont think any one of my FB friends care about the website that much.

It's a nice thought, I suppose, since people seem to like linking their FB account to everything on the internet ever, so if you were going to give a Starbucks gift card anyway, it would be easier to do it over FB. But I imagine this is a VERY small portion of Facebook.

Those suggested posts are just misleading. I really wish we could just disable advertising on Facebook altogether, even for a small fee. Their algorithms suck anyway. 99% of the ads they show me have no relevance to me.

I also wouldn't mind if they'd stop suggesting I like every single page friends post from. Just because I "like" that person's particular share doesn't mean I care where it came from.

I'll stop ranting now.


@thedogma: I used to be on Facebook, but their constant encroach on my privacy, advertisement of counterfeit products (I called Oakley on one of the ads, and they confirmed that the glasses being advertised were not legitimate Oakley products), and constant "such and such likes this company/product" (when some of those were posts about friends of mine that had passed) caused me to finally empty my account of personal info and close it. I miss the convenient connectivity to friends and family, but it's just not worth staying with FB, to me...


Absolutely not. I use Facebook because it's pretty much essential for planning parties and other events, and keeping up with people I otherwise wouldn't hear from regularly. But it's a terrible idea to give Facebook your phone number, real address, or (worst of all) credit card or payment info. It's only a matter of time before someone else comes along and does what Facebook does better and less annoyingly, so we can all leave Facebook in our dust.


@drjing: yeah I've cleaned mine a number of times. I have very few "Likes" and rarely post. FB's advertising utterly fails with me, because I give it almost nothing to go on. It's a bit of a personal pride to have beaten FB at their own game. I deactivate mine every now and again, but it's unfortunately such a part of so many people's lives that it's virtually impossible to keep in touch without it. I'm satisfied with putting very little personal information and tweaking the privacy settings. In theory, my FB is air tight. But that really depends if FB honors the privacy settings they let you choose. Which I'm somewhat doubtful of.


Absolute not, and I can't imagine I ever will.


I have never and I won't ever.


I used it right now to wish my sister Happy Birthday and send her a Sephora gift card in one process.

She's very happy about it.


As a guy who waits until after Valentine's Day to buy candy at 75% off... no.


Not happening here either. FB and I are not "friends" and I don't "like" anything that happens there.