questionswoot, were is the variety? the top items are…


Why don't you post some deals?


Always nice to recommend a bunch of people be fired just to please you.


Troll. User joined today probably just to post this question.


On the contrary, lame is quite slimming.


"Rather than checking every day for the newest woot as I did when it first started.. I tend to hit it 2x per week now (max) because the selection is tired..."

Interesting that you checked it every day when you "first started" since your join date is today, and it's not a glitch either. I must say though, congratulations on the effort just to troll us all. I don't even think iggz works this hard to troll.

Also, to troll the troll, you need an h to spell "where" as that indicates a location. The word you use, "were," indicates the past the past tense of "be" as in "Were you at the scene of the crime November 24, 2011 at 5 pm?"


From my view of the elephant ...
Woot doesn't really have a big crew of shoppers hired to get deals.
They run the service that allows regular people- us- to post.
The top deals are the "top" because regular people- us- voted for them.
If I see a movie, an object, a service, or lingerie being offered that I think is a good buy and a good deal I might vote it up.
Everything this troll mentioned seems to be the items most wooters might like to buy. Or might be interested in buying. Or even think it's just a good deal. So they post it. And/or upvote it.
But he sounds like a believer. If there's a problem betwixt the world and he- it's the world. Other than shirts with slogans, he doesn't seem interested in other items so far. You can filter a search for that.


Thank you for the educated spillage from your posterior. We all truly enjoy smart people coming in here on their first day showing us the error of our ways and the limits of our collective pocketbooks. You truly rock our world with your heartfelt declarations.

@captainsuperdawg: Officer, I didn't do it! I wasn't there. I can't tell you where I was, but I wasn't there. I swear.


@pyxientx: Alright, well your alibi checks out, you're free to go.


Clearly... my setting up an anonymous account was a good idea.

Really... all of you are honestly satisfied with the selection these days. I have picked up a number of items over time... great shirts, a few bags of crap, and the occasional kids toy for my nephew. Is that enough to tell you putz's I have been around the block for a while.

Folks... It's my honest assessment of the current stock... and Yes, they should have a group of buyers... even contingency/contract buyers trying to keep the merchandise fresh.

Have fun with your 10 recon toshiba tablets, 24" visio screens, and hello kitty usb stick.