questionswhere does wine woot ship from?


Have you checked the wine.woot FAQ at the bottom of the page? Have you contacted Woot staff about this?

I asking these questions because I don't know the answer to your question but those are the places I would look if it were me that needed to know.

EDIT: Short form, bottom left of page:

Rules and Restrictions

Wine sold by winery
You must be 21 or older to order
Whoever receives the package must be 21 or older
If you're drunk when the package shows up, you will not be allowed to receive it
Wine cannot be delivered to a P.O. Box
We highly recommend you use a business address as your shipping address


Me again, with another addition, from the wine.woot FAQ

"I noticed a sales tax charge at checkout - where does that come from?"
The wine deals featured on Wine.Woot come direct from the wineries. Each of these wineries has its own web of licensing obligations, tax policies, and local laws to deal with. So Wine.Woot calculates sales taxes on the wineries' behalf in accordance with their instructions. These instructions vary depending on the tax laws in each state.

Fine Print (if not fine prose)
Winery is the seller of record. All state and federal laws are adhered to in the marketing of this wine:


That's what I thought too but when I called the winery, they said they don't ship it, woot does... Humm.


Lucky you! Wine dot Woot is one of the very few places I order from. Hang on...

Okay, there are several things that are at work here, and one of them is where you are. My shipments come from Wine Country Connect, but the place that sends to you may be quite different if you are not on the West Coast. Sometimes the winery will throw in a note thanking you for your business, but I don't recall ever seeing them say "Thanks so much for buying our stuff at $$$ per bottle" (I could be wrong, but I think I'd have remembered it).

I just got my KR today, and I'd ordered it on the 11th or 12th. I do like the Petite Sirah, and their Pinot Noir as well. I'm going to re-read your question now to make sure there's nothing I didn't answer.


@thelabaffs: Okay, here's the slight wrinkle in your plans. It's okay, I said slight.

Lately, the message about whether or not something's shipped seems not to be keeping up with the actual shipping. My status just changed this morning (I didn't much care, since I was spending the day at home anyway), but the status basically said it was on the truck and out for delivery.

In other words, you should absolutely not trust that there will be an email in time, or that the status will change on your account page, before you receive it. Use the "Track by Reference" option on Fedex's page, and check it once in the morning, and once at night. Those Woot shippers are sneaky. It's alcohol. Somebody's got to sign. Better if you're home. Here's the direct link:

Steps to use this in the next comment...



Here's the easy steps.

- Type in the order number from Woot (the 8-digit code on your order) in the box.
- Be sure you select the country (it'll be nearly at the bottom). You can actually just select the "Destination Country" bar and then type "U" a few times (as you may suspect, I'm an old hand at this).
- Be sure you put in the zip code for where the package is headed. Just the five-digit code, not the 5+4, although either works.

Sadly, my Cavedoni is not yet shipping.

BTW, this same method works for UPS shipments (the track by reference thing).

Woot Wine NEVER ships other than by Fedex. Well, almost never.


Every time I've ordered wine (which has been MANY times), it has always come with a full printed page detailing the wine and price. And, IMO, I wouldn't completely trust the "in time by Christmas" line. There are a lot of factors that could delay a shipment of wine that are out of Woot's control. And, there is a signature required (though my last shipment of wine was just left on my front step when no one was home).


Thanks shrdlu! That worked perfectly! It says delivery for tomorrow. Without your help I would have had no idea. I guess I'll just have to hope the total is not in there. Since it's my dad, he would never say if I asked anyway because he knows how that would bother me. Guess it's more whether he likes it or not :)


@thelabaffs: So, for the sake of those who will read this question in the future, could you ask your dad to report back with who the shipper is (it'll be on the outside label on the box), and whether or not there's a packing list of the type that @benyust2 described inside?

Sometimes when I've received wine, there's a printed note from the winery thanking me for buying that particular wine (and usually referring to the wine woot deal), which would mean that your dad, with just a bit of research, would still be able to figure out what the price is. There wasn't one in the Kent Rasmussen that arrived on Wednesday (I'm a fan of KR), but the wine was in the box, so I'm pretty happy.

My vinegar is on the truck and out for delivery today (and the tracking on it still says "Unavailable"), and there's a book from Amazon that arrives today, too. Life is good. :-D

P.S. @benyust2, could you say who your shipper was? Just curious.