questionsthe gold-plated jewelry sets are crap, different…


You will most likely not be able to return you purchase. Woot's FAQ covers "buyers remorse" and does not generally consider it a reason to process a return/refund. They may make an exception in some cases, and you are welcome to contact to request and RMA. (If you just repack and return the product, they will have no idea what to do with it.)
Please note that customer support is several days behind in answering emails, and you may not get an answer immediately, just a case number.

For my information, what sets did you buy, and do you have pics of the product you received?


Thanks for your response! This is not a remorse! I bought them as gifts, but they look so crappy that I cannot give them to my friends. I have to shop again. The pictures cheated! In the same shopping order, I bought a brace too which can be endured although not nice looking. I won't return the brace. I have bought a lot of stuff from Woot, and this is the first time I must return them. I don't like to return stuff.

You can find the four sets in the stuff I bought. Thanks again for the information provided.


I'm curious exactly which ones you bought and if there was a zoom feature provided on the pictures. I know there were some awhile back with "miracle" settings that looked great until you zoomed in and saw the trickery that is the "miracle" setting.


@nicholasliukcuf: We can't look in the stuff you bought. That's private and only available to you and woot!. But that would be kind of a cool feature.


The following are the things I bought.

Gold-Plated Blue Sapphire Fancy Jewelry, Gold-Plated Multi-Color Fancy Set, Gold-Plated Champagne Fancy Jewelry Set, Gold-Plated Red Ruby Fancy Jewelry Set

If I have any "remorse", it is "buying jewelry from woot" --- too much difference between the real and the picture.


Looks like THIS SALE.

The pics there made everything in that sale look like plastic crap to me. How much worse could it have been?


@nicholasliukcuf: I feel like I have to ask this so bare with me. You do realize no one in this thread so far actually works for woot right? I just don't want you to think we can help beyond telling you to email support.

Email customer service and be patient. It is unlikely they will take the item back but it never hurts to try. Good luck.


@thumperchick: If those are the ones then I have to say to the OP, "you're lucky they're even made out of metal for that price." Also, I agree with your take on how they look.


@zuiquan: I really wanted to be on OP's side but @thumperchick is right.


Sorry that you're unhappy with the product.

As I answered on your post in World of Woot. Please email for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.

You must receive an authorization before returning any product.


@nmchapma: I can see being ticked if the quality vs. price paid is completely ridiculous. I don't think that's the case here with them costing less than ten dollars. Looks like some good White Elephant fodder to me.


If woot lets them return it, then right on. It always sucks when you don't get what you think you ordered, or the perceived value for your buck. I do hope the OP gets it taken care of soon.

I just have a serious dislike for that type of costume jewelry, hence my distaste.


@thumperchick: LOL!!! They ARE plastic crap, BUT they are actually fun plastic crap that with the right outfit really look pretty cool. Kitschy Kool.
I bought the sapphire blue set to wear with a particular dress I have
( ).
This silly little necklace looks amazing with the dress. I don't know what the OP thought an $8 necklace was going to be like, but it is was it says it is.
Buying jewelry online is a crap shoot. Know going in you're purchasing junk from a deal a day site at a ridiculously cheap price helps lower expectations. I knew I was buying an 8 buck wear-it-once-and-give-it-to-some-5-year-old-for-dress-up necklace.


@lavikinga: You GO, girl! My mind's eye sees you in that and says indelicate,not for print (but nice) things. The Spouse just said, "Oh, yeah...."


@magic cave: Aw, thank you (he's a naughty man). I've managed to peel off another 15 since we last met. The way the dress is cut & the sort of magic snug stretch fabric makes it look more like 25!

If you're looking to knock the socks off of a significant other, this is a fabulous dress. It also comes in lipstick red (which I bought for a holiday trip to Charleston), and a gorgeous emerald velvet. It hides the flaws and boosts the assets.

Ladies, Pin Up Girl dot com is another great place to go for Va Va Va VOOM dresses which will give you curves whether you have them or not. Pricey, but gorgeous "that's a woman!" retro Mad Men styles. New Year's Eve is coming...