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Whichever package I end up using, it needs to be drop-dead-simple to use. If it's harder than "drag and drop your pictures here", I'm gonna be on the hook forever answering questions.

I'm looking at Gallery2 at the moment (, which supports WebDAV, and also has an XP widget that adds a 'publish to web' option as a context menu in Explorer. Anybody have thoughts? Anything better?


My personal favorite is I like the privacy you choose who can see your pics and which pics they can see. It is very easy to upload to Flickr, even I can do it. You can also email your pics to your account. A wifi eye card can send your pics direct to flickr if you have one. I also use photobucket but I much prefer Flickr.


Consider me another vote for Flickr. I've used several, but Flickr's the only one I stick with. Picasa and other sites similar to it do not offer the granularity that Flickr does. You can upload from all sorts of mobile devices, you can upload entire directories (if you choose to do that, which I never do), and there's all sorts of ways to sort things into sets and such.

You can put a photo into multiple sets, which is nice if you're trying to tell a story, or document something.

I've seen multiple galleries online, when a relative or friend has used them for baby pictures, or other things that can't be replaced, DISAPPEAR overnight, so be sure, no matter what you use, that you still have backup copies of the pictures.

Flickr FTW!

[Edit] In addition, you can set up a "family" account, and just give them all a password to it, or set up multiple accounts for them, and just make a private group on Flickr.


The key here, though, is that I do, really, want to use my own hosting space. Can the Flickr engine be used on my own server?


@dosquatch: Nope on the Flickr engine. I'm not sure about Picasa either. Do you have a budget? I can come back with some suggestions for you in a while, but I really need to have a feel for what it is you're wanting to spend.

I have multiple friends who are doing similar things to what you are talking about, and there are a host of solutions. It's just pretty early for me, still.

Also, what's your timeline, and is the machine hosted, or under your physical control?

I also may have commentary on the site you are talking about (I hadn't bothered to look at it before, because I'm not that competent or dependable this early).


I'm pro-Flickr as well, but if you're looking for an option to host on your own, you might consider MarginalHacks:

It's pretty much free, unless you don't want it to be, and seems to a powerful option. May require some technical tweaking though, but it seems to have a GUI frontend now.

Alternatively, Dropbox can be used to host images too and their gallery display is functional, if not particularly awesome.


@shrdlu: I'm pretty sure Picasa will not. I wish, but oh well.

The server is hosted, not under my physical control. I do have shell access and installation priveledges, and access to cron, CGI, PHP5, MySQL5, Ruby, Perl, Python, WebDAV, etc. It's a Debian-based LAMP box.

The timeline is relatively open-ended. The budget is low - no more than $100, but with all of the FOSS packages available, I'm hoping I can do the heavy lifting in the name of "free as in beer".

... apologies, of course, for invoking an RMS quote ;)


@dosquatch: Answered also, over thataway. I have answers, plenty, but it's a nice day. I'll be back MUCH later. Yes, answers. The kind that fit your budget, your skill level, and so on. After looking at the (lack of) updates to chs's site, I'd say ignore it. No worries. Glad I know you have skillz, though, because it makes this all MUCH easier.

[Edit] I also want to quickly recommend against dropbox (for you), and will explain thataway, but much, much later. Webdav ftw.


@iggz: Won't work, I want to use my own hosting service.

Okay, here's the deal... my sister has about 200GB of photos/albums she wants to post, and that's growing. My hosting account has unlimited disk and bandwidth. There are caps on most of the photo hosting services, and many others I don't trust, are unreliable, unsecure, hacked or hackable, or in some other way unseemly.

I want to use my own hosting account. Period. I don't want to scale the pictures down to get around caps, I don't want to pay ongoing fees for "additional storage", and certainly not in the amounts I'm talking about.


@dosquatch: Why don't you just purchase your own domain for like $1? Make your own site? Drop the pictures in a folder and have them automatically synced to the server. Make a template for automating your pictures into a gallery?


@belowi: This is the one he was already considering, and had asked about.

Do you have knowledge of Menalto's gallery? I'm sure @dosquatch would love to hear comments about it.

I wore myself out today, but will probably have answers either later this evening, or tomorrow.


Just as a followup, @dosquatch and I have both been looking further into Piwigo.

It looks interesting, so far (including the use of the GPL 2, a reasonable license).

I recommend further examination of the demo for those who are interested.


On a separate note, I have noticed that when I delete a comment, or have one deleted (I'd replied to a spammer on this thread, and then tattled, after I realized that it was a clever comment spammer), that the question (or deal) is then removed from my comment tab, as though I'd made no comments. I noticed this again today, when I was trying to find @dosquatch's question, so as to post further useful information. I'm not posting this as a separate bug report because I prefer not to see them voted up as though they were popularity contests.

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