questionschallenge: who knows of a place to get cheap…


I'm not sure what you'd consider "cheap," but you can get free shipping and 40% off at with this coupon link:

Whether or not that does you any good depends on if you want the specific sizes they offer and how much charges for shipping.


Why couldn't you have asked this question a day or two earlier? Google Offers had $37 for a custom 20”x16” gallery-wrapped canvas print ($119 value) all weekend.


@eviloverlord333: gah! That sucks...ok, teaches me (yet again) why I should stop procrastinating on some things...


Check your local camera stores as well. Here in Dallas, Wolf Camera has those on sale- the 24 x 20 is $59.


You can try They are in Japan, so add 3% (currency exchange cost)to your total, paypal will. Just make sure you are looking at the streched canvas, not regular canvas. They constantly have deals on both.


For what it's worth, I went ahead and ordered from

$36 for 24x20 prints ($46 with a 1.5" canvas vs. .75").

Ground shipping was $15 (total), whether you order one print or multiple.
Ended up with 5 prints total...shipping still only $15.

Says that they should be ready to be shipped in a few days. I'm guessing middle of next week I should have them.

Oh, and they're hosted/based out of Germany for those that care. Not sure where the print will come from, but that site is there and apparently the billing is too as I got an alert that a foreign transaction had occurred on my credit card. :)


For what it is worth, I got this email today from Artscow. It is for Canvas Prints. If you are still interested, check it out on Woot!


As stated, I ordered them from

Package arrived in a decent time...nothing special, actually a little longer than I had hoped for, but within the window that they told me (about 1.5 weeks including the weekend, about 8 business days).
When package arrived I was surprised to find a heavy thin, narrow box...
Canvases were wrapped up and wood framing was lying in the bottom of the box....
Thankfully it wasn't hard to assemble the frame (pre-cut with notches, just slide corners in place, and tap with a mallet).
After putting frames together, I then had to staple the canvas to the back of the frame.
All-in-all, I spent about 2 hours on 5 canvases...not terrible, but not really what I expected either.
Maybe this is the way that most canvases come shipped, but it surprised me and as such, I wanted to post it out here for your awareness.


This was very helpful! I am definitely willing to assemble it myself it saves money :) I am curious what you thought about the quality of the print. I have read about some online-ordered canvases that were cheaper and the quality was not that great... colors being disappointing and the canvas lacking texture and being almost smooth. How was the quality of the printing (detail/resolution and color) and the texture of the canvas from
Thank you so much!


@mikechek1212: Mike, I found it to be quite satisfactory actually.
The canvas felt nice, was nicely rolled up/protected in packaging, just had to unroll it and staple it to the provided frames (that were easily put together = precut).
One thing to keep in mind is when you choose "stretched" it just extends the edges, it doesn't actually copy it around, but more-or-less just dragged such, and depending on what you're actually having printed, I may have just cropped the picture to how I wanted it (allowing for the edges) and then have it printed normally vs. stretched.

vote-for1vote-against i think has the best prices for canvases but I ordered from lots of those discount sites, but they have real professional quality like i got it at a printing shop I would go with them