questionshow can i restrict access to some shared folder…


Which operating system hosts the source files?


@cengland0: This person asked a similar question a few days ago, and you answered it then. I don't see any sign that they came back or read the answer (no comments, no other posting).

I think you may wait a long long while for an answer concerning which OS.


@shrdlu: I know. The question was about how to protect video files on a USB drive so they cannot be copied. I answered it once, and the question was deleted. It was then posted again.

This time it's about networking. I'm not going to answer any more than what I already did unless the OP answers my first question. I doubt OP will be back so this question will go unanswered (unless someone else wants to waste their time).


Is there a contest of some sort being run for how many times a question can be asked before folks tell the asker just to chuck it?


@cengland0: My computer is Vista, and computers on the LAN are Vista, Win 7, maybe some are using Win 8.