questionswould you rather live by the ocean or theā€¦


Oahu, between the ocean and the mountains. Or maybe on a mountain with an ocean view.


I have very fair skin, seldom tan, and turn bright red in 15 minutes of summer sun exposure. For me, it would be the mountains, hands down.


Mountains. It's at least +10 to your "Tough Manliness" stat when you live there.


Lived in Hawaii and Utah. I'll take the mountains any day. I live on the Gulf Coast right now and wish I was in the mountains.


@magic cave: I'm with you. I joke that I dream about being in the sun and wake up sunburned.

While I enjoy staring out into the ocean, contemplating life and all its mysteries, especially on a cool, overcast day, I love the mountains more. They're big and amazing and fun to hike in and over and around (and other prepositions). And in the winter you get snow for sledding and skiing and snowshoeing. Much more variety than the beach.


I currently live next to mountains so I don't know what the ocean would be like. Hawaii would make a good test bed I'm sure.
I lived in Ohio as well so you could ask do you like living near corn and soybean fields.


I would have to say the mountains love being able to go for hikes and mountain biking. Also where there are mountains you can usually find beautiful lakes and the works for me.


Have lived near both, currently near the ocean.
For here, the pros of ocean living are water sports, ocean breezes, fishing/fresh seafood, lovely sunrises, great place for biking/walking/running/daydreaming.
Cons: brutal ocean winds in the winter, threat of tsunami (but we live on high ground), & crowds in summer.

Mountains are nice too, but could be more difficult to access in colder months if high enough to get snow. Perhaps threat of avalanche, fires, or mudslides in rainy weather.

Guess it depends on the kinds of sports/hobbies/lifestyle you want to enjoy when not at work.


Fresh water. I need plenty of fresh water where ever I'm at. Between ocean and mountains, I would choose mountains as long as they are outside of California and within the Texas borders if there is a such thing. I choose Texas! :)


Mountains all the way, close to a lake though.


A few months ago I lived near the ocean in Cocoa, Fl. Now I am living in a valley with an amazing view a volcano, mountain ranges all around and on good days a beautiful view of the Japanese Alps. This is to beautiful to pass up for being close to the ocean. In fact the city I live in Saku, is the point in japan farthest from any ocean.


I've always heard of the decision this way:

While you can choose to live by the ocean, it is the mountains that choose you.


I live on the Gulf now - would love to spend summers in Estes Park CO - just not possible any longer.


Mountains and lake for me.

I lived a stone's throw from the ocean for 2 years, and 10 minutes away for another 4, which got it out of my system. That was 15 years ago, and I STILL find sand in odd places. You can always visit the ocean, but I prefer to live in a more tranquil (and less sandy!) place. YMMV.


Northern Cali coast where I can walk down out of the mountains onto the beach.


@flashkill: I grew up down the road a bit from Cocoa, back in the early days of the Space Race and still have family in the area. All things considered, your current living situation sounds as if it beats Brevard County hands down!


@magic cave: Most definitely, though it is bitterly cold in comparison. The natural beauty here is better and I can't wait for the Cherry Blossoms, but I will miss the rocket launches. I am glad to have been able to watch the last shuttle go up too.


Both! Seattle!

No, wait, I'd rather live in SoCal. If my pasty complexion, general geekiness, and lack of fashion knowledge would let me fit in at all.

I think I'd get Island Fever really quick if I lived in Hawaii. Nice to visit, though.


Mountains: Beautiful view, cold temperatures, quieter, and less people.

Beach: Crowded view, hot temperatures, louder, and more crowded.

Cold > Hot

Mountains > Ocean.


@luisibarra81: I live in El Paso, Texas on the slope of the last, littlest Rocky Mountain. I say mountains, as I love to visit the ocean on vacation and come home to my mountain. Of course, my mountain is high desert mesa and not what most people think of when they picture a mountain. But it has it's own austere beauty.