questionshow many kids will be trick-or-treating 30 years…


I don't know the answer, but I do know 30 years ago I was just a kid and I was trick-or-treating, so I don't see why the tradition won't continue.


If we are still here, I foresee a 75% drop.


At least in my area, trick or treating from door to door has subsided greatly in the last 20 years or so. When I was a kid, I remember having to wait in line at the doors to get candy. There were hundreds of kids out with their parents. Last year when my wife and I took our kids I only saw a few other kids -- literally maybe three or four. It was the same neighborhood that I used to go in as a kid (I bought a house in my parents' neighborhood).

I think the biggest reason for the change is that parents are lazy. It used to be that parents would make up excuses to steal their kids' candy and keep it because it's dangerous. Now, they think of excuses to not take their kids and say it's dangerous to be out. There is also trunk-or-treating, which is, in my opinion, lame.

I will still take my kids and I hope they continue the tradition with their kids. Only time will tell.


I think it has already dropped off precipitously. Seems like people are going to the mall or the zoo or church or trunk-or-treats (yes lame), or parties instead. It's "safer". And generally inside too, which is a big plus at least in Michigan where we many times need to put layers under or over costumes.

In my old neighborhood I averaged only 9 kids to my house. The last year we were there (2009) I didn't get any.


For the past 15 something years I've been trick-or-treating at my local church.

What's cool about it is that instead of walking door-to-door, all you have to do is play the mini-games at all the booths set up over there (there are many, plus there are cool stuff like family friendly mazes and shows) and you get candy out of it. It was also much safer than going door-to-door IMO as well, since it's a church.

The amount of candy given has decreased substantially over the years though.

And yes, I agree less people are going door-to-door... or my neighborhood just happened to be much older now.


Fewer folks are out trick-or-treating around here every year, but it seems like more people are decorating for Halloween.


Honestly I think it'll go down for a few more years then see a resurgence with our kids generation. It'll be a "throwback" to the good-old-days and our kids will want to give that to their kids. It's like everything else out there, it's cyclical.


@minxa1: Good call, lack of knowing neighbors and dealing with wandering high school kids are pushing people inside to malls and other options. Once the teenagers get the hint, the parents and kids will come back out. Of course the cycle will start all over again but that is the nature of the beast.