questionsi want to thank the woot staff for giving us theā€¦


i'm glad you're getting the chance to get your BOC!


I think that's the best outcome given the situation. Crap for everybody!


Yeah. I'm packin' yours myself. To make sure it's special enough.


@llandar: Is it ticking? Remember, once you pull the pin from Mr. Grenade he is no longer your friend.


Congrats! Glad to hear they came to their senses.


@llandar: Be sure to make it EXTRA SPECIAL. I was going to give it to the Children's Hospital For Orphans and Kids That Don't Read Good Neither.


I was staying clear of this as i have no horse in this race - didn't play the treasure hunt game (far too busy) nor did i get a BOC cancelled on me...

Now that it's seemingly resolved... A> Very good job, woot. Its your willingness to take care of customers that has set you apart these past years, and i'm happy to see it continued. and B> I was fairly shocked when i first saw the word "cheaters" - both because of the implications, as well as who was saying it. I'm fairly certain i cringed, visibly, when i read that.

Not trying to butt in - but just giving a glimpse of how this was perceived by a normal wooter, without any claim for or against this particular BOC.


Congratulations. I am hoping they reinstate mine, but really if you and a few select others like Bogie get his then its good.


well good on them. but does this mean they're back to being the old woot or still new but now with 20% less arrrrrrrr?

can we still post cat pictures?


@jeeperwoot: can we still post cat pictures?

Why would you ever stop? :)


So after insulting and belittling the users who simply purchased an item for sale on their site we are suppose to put a smile on our face and forget what has occurred because they are going to actually sell people the items that they purchased? What a joke.


Cheaters get caught, cheaters get punished, cheaters cry, whine, threaten and stomp their feet...... cheaters get rewarded.
No wonder this country is in the shape it is.


Hey guys. Sorry for all the twisting and turning today. And no, smiles aren't required. There was no insult intended by the word "cheaters" and if you took it personally, let me apologize on behalf of Woot.

Many people worked out the solution fair and square BUT it can also be assumed that there were many lurking on other sites waiting for the link to be posted.


Glad to hear it!

Looks like my optimism paid off ;)


@thunderthighs: thanks. cheaters thing was still bothering me.


Out of curiosity, when you say 153 orders were reinstated, is that everyone who got in before the last piece went up, or did you try to weed out people who got the link from elsewhere (someone suggested checking who tried random combinations and were served 404s vs. people who only got the right link).

I'm not bitter either way, just curious (it's CRAP for goodness sake, there are way more important things to worry about).


My feathers are less ruffled.


@capguncowboy: "I'm happy again (I guess)."
There's just no pleasing you :P

I understand where you are coming from. Kind of a bittersweet win I suppose.

@thumperchick: Are your Jimmies less rustled?


I like @goatcrapp. Wait, did I just say that? Worst woot-off ever!


But I was so looking forward to some more bragging about cleverness and whining about cancellations.


@thunderthighs: I was out of town all day and wouldn't have played around with this inane puzzle even if I'd been near a computer. That said, I'm pretty appalled that you (being the loyal Company Girl that you are) are still saying that no insult was intended by calling people cheaters. I'm completely unfamiliar with any positive definition of "cheater." Perhaps someone at amazonwoot can supply a source for that non-insulting definition?

it still seems to me to be a pee-poor piece of marketing to screw up the game and then blame and insult your own customers this way.

What's needed here is an honest, heart-felt apology from a company official. Not that I expect to see one, mind you.


Thanks Woot. This was a really cool thing for y'all to do.


@capguncowboy glad your efforts were rewarded. Sorry it included so much drama. I could only hope that woot! would do the right thing and yet again we have not been disappointed. Enjoy your crap.
woot! "You had me at hello"