questionswhat does everyone think of the microsoft surface…


They have their work cut out for them! BUT... Windows based, a fair price range, IF it works well, and has a decent battery life they could definitely present a challenge at the Enterprise level... It better be good... They will need this to compete in this new tablisized world!


I bet they make it work competitively. A little late into the battle, but I am sure their guns are blazing.


Meh. I predict succes on par with the Zune. :)

I make no bones about being an apple fan, but I can see the appeal of the flexibility of the android platform. Microsoft doesn't seem to be much except late to the party.


It looks pretty good to me, but $1K seems steep for the tablet market. The magnetic keyboard/cover looks relly cool. It's not clear if they are going to match the current new IPad resolution. I'm thinking I'm likely to get one.


Now that everyone has an ipad or android tablet here comes Microsoft to bring up the rear.

Hear that? Hear all the shouts from the masses clamoring for a more expensive tablet? Yeah, me neither.

It's pretty sad that MS is going to get clobbered by Amazon this time around.


If the price indeed ends up around $1000, this will prove to be a flop. They're advertising it as a tablet, putting themselves directly up against the iPad and Kindle. The iPad is the "high-end" of tablets, all versions running well under $1000. The Kindle is the "low-end" of tablets, running $200.

Frankly, if someone wants to spend $1000 they'll buy a laptop, or an iPad if they're really dedicated to getting a tablet. No non-Apple company trying to market a $500+ tablet has succeeded thus far... sales have only come from undercutting the iPad. I expect this trend to continue.

There have been some Android tablets with excellent hardware available, and they've all seen dramatic price cuts in attempts to spur sales. No reason a tablet with Windows OS would be more successful, even with the cool (if slightly gimmicky) keyboard cover.


@novastarj: Very well said. This needs to be priced lower than an iPad if they want any kind of success. And, it probably won't be, so it will probably fail.

Was there any info given on whether or not it would have xbox live integration, perhaps sharing the Windows Phone game library? That would be one niche market they could appeal to.


I feel a bit badly for any other companies working to bring out Windows tablets only to have Microsoft scoop them. Memories of PlaysForSure vs. Zune Marketplace...
Will Microsoft cut into iPad and Android sales? Or will they simply cannibalise any or all other Windows tablets? I suppose only time will tell...


The Zune analogy hit me at once, too. I have a Zune HD 32 and I love it, but Microsoft doesn't, I guess. And I have an (original) iPad and the new iPad and I love them, esp. the newbie...and Apple hasn't lost interest in them, either. The two most elegant items I own are my Zune HD and the new iPad. Why I would follow Microsoft down another hardware primrose path, though, I don't know.

Doesn't mean I won't play with one, you understand. But I've already been snakebit.


Here's Microsoft's official website for this product:

If you click on About, then download the spec sheet, you will see they have two models. One will use Windows RT and the other Windows 8 Pro. The cheaper one can have 32 or 64 gigs while the better one can have 64 or 128 Gigs of storage.

Here's a direct link to the specs:


Cool I hope it is inexpensive and runs Android. :)


@caffeine_dude: No Android unless someone hacks it and creates a special Android version for this product. It will come installed with either Windows RT or Windows 8 Pro.


from what it sounds like the pricing will be around normal ARM tablets for the windows RT client, and the pro model will be about the price of a ultrabook. granted the pro model is running a full release copy of windows so it should be able to replace your laptop unless you are doing developement. So my guess for the pro will be about 800 which to me seems not bad with a full ivy bridge i5 in it. I am looking forward to getting a pro model instead of a new laptop which is something i need.


Maybe it'll turn out to be as successful as that table thing awhile back.
Great parody: