questionsis this shunting / hijacking a deal? what to do?


If it 2, tattle. If it is 1, it should be posted as a deal on the site, and the URL for the DEAL should be added to the comments (this is a GOOD thing).


@morriea: Some former Person in Charge advised that if there was a better deal it should be posted as a better deal, and a comment to that effect could be placed on the original posting.

@pretmanns: You've posted ONE deal, and that deal had three different shills posting comments on it. Don't do that again in the future, please. People are watching for this. Merchants who use shills are unwelcome here.


@magic cave: That is what I said. Post the deal. Post the URL for the deal (not the site) in the comments. Maybe not perfectly stated?


@morriea: No, you were totally correct and I misread your response. My apologies.

(I gotta stop staying up half the night playing computer games....)


@magic cave: "You've posted ONE deal..."

This isn't entirely true. He's posted two deals, but was the same deal two times about a month apart with @siahsc posting shill comments on both. The one you see is the earlier version of the hose nozzle deal. The later one included siah posting that such a deal is just what he's been looking for, even though one rightfully assumes he bought one "recently" in August based on his comments.

@nmchapma was there (back me up yo). We were basically a bad-cop bad-cop duo (anybody want to play good-cop? :) and now I guess we're busting the joint again.



Don't hand me no lines, and keep your spam to yourself!


Sold by Pretmanns and Fulfilled by Amazon. Gift-wrap available.
Only one deal posted with 4 comments.. 3 of which were blatant shill accounts lol..
(@magic cave: just saw you beat me to the punch :D)

At first I was thinking this was a new member asking because they had this happen to 'em.. But going by the 1 deal they've posted I'm guessing they're asking because they planned on spamming other people's deals and were wanting to know how much attention it's going to draw.

Welcome to Deals.Woot @pretmanns! Another small vendor off to an awesome start!


@lotsofgoats: you are officially being backed up. :-) Yup, he posted two "deals" that were exactly the same for an item you could get cheaper almost anywhere. Thats not against the rules, a bad deal is still a deal. BUT he messed up and used the same shill account to promote them both. I still can't belive the deal made it to the "Top" page because that means a mod put it there, which tells me they didn't even look at it. They stuck it up because it had some votes and was from Amazon. For Shame Woot!


I'm totally willing to give the guy a shot if he cleans up his act, for what it's worth.

Gotta clean up these streets, my work is never done ಠ_ಠ


@lotsofgoats: As much as it erks me that he created shills as soon as he got here, I agree. Clean it up, post a good deal and you've got every right to be here :-)


@lotsofgoats: A search of deals he's posted still shows just one deal. I'm wondering if, since they were identical, someone tattled it as a dupe?


@magic cave: I did. The one thats up is not the one we caught onto. We posted in that one and I think thats what OP is talking about. The link went to his own previous deal.

EDIT: My tattle was mostly directed at the shills. I tattled on everything :-)


@magic cave, @morriea, @lotsofgoats, @drchops, @nmchapma and all others.
Thank you for your responses. I asked the original question because I saw the links on deals & thought it does not seem right for someone else to hijack traffic away from a deal. (@drchops - I assure you it was the only reason.)

Wow, what followed surprised me and some of it still goes over my head a bit.
Yes, I created a second deal – the first coupon was no longer valid. Not allowed to?
Ref to spam: I did not try to spam anyone - if I have, then I apologize but still don't know how I have done that.
"he created shills". I am not sure what this means. If it is a second or fake account - I have only created 1?

Most of you said something to the effect of "I'm totally willing to give the guy a shot if he cleans up his act”. I obviously did a few things wrong and will take your "guidance" on-board. Is there perhaps a link to a "How To" page for merchants? Thank you again for the "help" -


@pretmanns: @jerryh01 @vinoulli @siahsc (+two more from the second deal) These accounts are called shills. A shill is an accomplice of a hawker, gambler, or swindler who acts as an enthusiastic customer to entice or encourage others [Google]. I am not calling you any of those things but that is how this type of account is reffered to.

They were used to promote your product unjustly. @siahsc posted in both deals, not commenting on how good the item was but instead that it was just what he was looking for after buying one less thana month ago in your original post. It is difficult to believe you had five shills post in your deal and that it wasn't you. All of these accounts were created within a very small time frame and they have purchased almost nothing from Woot! nor have they ever been involved in any other capacity. This is why your deal was deleted. Not because it was a duplicate.


@pretmanns: You're here for help and that's very encouraging. Take a look at the FAQ ( ) for a bit of guidance. There was nothing wrong with your deal, it was the accounts you used to promote it. However, Anytime you post the same item for the same price it's going to look like a duplicate. I am the one who posted the link in your deal, it went to your old deal so the mod didn't have to chase it down and could compare and research the shill accounts before deleting it. To answer the original question If someone does post a link to the same item on another website for a price comparison thats legit (though it should be in the form of a deal). If someone does spam your deal just tattle on their post and make sure to say why you did so. The mod will handle it from there.

So, read the FAQ, get rid of the shills, make it very clear your coupon code has changed, and feel free to ask any other questions you've got. We love to help those who ask for it.


@pretmanns: Oh and since you are a merchant make sure your account names relects that. It may now, I haven't looked. Just a thought to keep in mind. Good Luck.


@nmchapma: Thank you for taking the time to explain all that. I will take some time out and read through the FAQ as suggested (I have done a bit already).




@pretmanns: Thank you for returning to your question and asking questions and caring.


@morriea: Different thread....a little hijacking here. Have you received an email from studerc with your latest BOC recipient? He said it would come last Sunday but I didn't get mine. I know he has been on the bad end of several things but also said to email him if you didn't get yours...but I don't want to seem impatient.
tl:dr Did you get your BOC recipient email yet?


@jsimsace: Nothing yet. I think it is just wait at the moment. Brilliant move, BTW, putting the question here so you do not seem impatient. Brilliant!


nmchapma & others, I spent some time reading the FAQ’s as promised. I saw the post re Shills & noticed your reference in there. I wondered whether to respond or not & if I do, if I would be pulled apart, shredded & cremated. I however feel (hope) I might be able to contribute (positively) to the Woot community & hope you see it in that light.

Most of you have been around for a long time and I respect your passion. Obviously you face problems with Shills & spam from time to time which frustrates you. I cannot talk on behalf of others but would like to tell about my journey, which I think might be true for a fair number of other merchants.
Woot was the first deal site I have used. I have only created 1 account. Before getting involved, I never knew there was a word like shills.
My observation is that there are at least 3 key groups making up the community, each with slightly different reasons for being part of Woot. (People after deals, MOD’s & Merchants (MERC)). See Part 2 (P2)


P2. MERC’s try to provide for their families & are here to sell. They will do anything to make this happen. Most (I believe) will follow rules. I thought I did follow the rules. Others in the community disagreed. I see this as something that can (& should) be addressed. Rules need to be clear especially for new MERC’s. Tell us what is Shilling & “spamming”. It is clear to older members, but not to all new members.
My theory: MERC’s network & often hang out in chat rooms / forums all trying to find ways to increase sales. 1 person finds a site like Woot & shares it, many people read it and join. They are exited & tell their friends when they post a deal. Like kids in a candy shop we look at each other’s deals, vote or comment not knowing this is not acceptable. (Woot tells us to get involved). The Community reacts, news spread & MERC’s leave, till the next group arrives. I suggest & am willing to work with you & MOD’s to put together “rules for new MERC’s” & commit 100% to it.


P3 – I think only when all the “sub groups” making up the Community, have the same understanding about what the rules are, will this issue be addressed successfully. Get all 3 groups “around” the table.
There will always be people that deliberately & blatantly break rules, but I would like to think most people (including merchants) fall outside this group. I apologize for the long post.


@pretmanns: @nmchapma - I did not tag it correctly the first time :)