questionswhen packing, do you roll or fold?


To answer my own question. I roll everything. I find that it seems to allow me to get more into a bag. It also keeps my clothes from having square creases in them, which makes ironing easier.

I don't exactly remember when I switched. I think I heard someone, years ago, say you can pack more if you roll, so I started. Then noticed the side effect of less wrinkles (hence less ironing), and never looked back!


I usually fold, but I think I will try rolling the next time! No wrinkles would be a bonus!@


I roll, mostly because it really does save space.


Fold pants, roll shirts. That is if I plan to wear anything at all! Eggnog, anyone?


I travel internationally for work and am often gone 2 - 3 weeks. I basically take my entire wardrobe and fit it into a large suitcase and not have a customs nightmare. Rolling is the only way I can fit 8 pairs of pants, shirts, undies and socks. Once you start to roll, you don't go back to fold


Yup, I used to fold and then also heard about rolling, tried it, have never gone back. I usually do a hybrid, though. Roll all the lighter things, fold heavier items like sweaters, coats, thicker denim, and pants. I treat my packing like a fun puzzle: how much can I get into the smallest possible suitcase for the trip at hand? I tend to prepack at least a week ahead and then unpack and repack multiple times in the time remaining, winnowing and rearranging as I go. Oh gods but I love packing! We were always in some state of packing or unpacking when I was growing up, and it was either be miserable at the constant moving around or embrace it and look at it as preparing for the excitement of the trip ahead. Nowadays I go into overexcited puppy mode when packing for trips.


I've tried both and have come to the conclusion that, for what I take, it doesn't really matter. It probably helps that I pretty much live in jeans and t-shirts/polo shirts when I'm not at home (work travel dress code is very casual). With that sort of gear, wrinkles aren't really a problem and I'm able to compress things fairly easily when they're folded and stacked correctly. I think the key is folding so that everything has as uniform a thickness as possible and then alternating directions (collar of one shirt stacked on top of the crease of the shirt above and below it).

I always stuff socks and other small things into my shoes and save workout shorts and shirts and other things that are really light and compress well to stuff into corners and fill in gaps.


@goldenthorn: "...Nowadays I go into overexcited puppy mode when packing for trips..." Like a Cocker Spaniel? They don't just 'get overexcited, they puddle. A lot. :-/ Now have an image of you in a puddle.

Re: Rolling or folding. I still do both. Rolling large items doesn't seem to work for me. But then, I always over pack. Wear about 1/3 of what I take. I end up taking a dressy outfit w/shoes just in case I need them. You know...just in case a handsome, wealthy Italian or Spaniard invites me to an elegant dinner at his villa. Hasn't happened. You'd think I'd learn. Haven't yet.


I roll outfits. A shirt, pair of pants, and socks. That way I just grab a roll and go change.


A hybrid of whatever works for the bag I'm packing. Jeans are usually folded and line the bottom of the bag. Most everything else is rolled.


We do a hybrid. I also love those bags that you put clothes in and smoosh the air out of to compress it all.


@goldenthorn: Yes, it is like a puzzle. Or, sort of like Tetris. You put things in, then try to fill in the spaces with other things until it's all filled in.


@gmwhit: Ahaha, I actually deleted the caveat of "but not the puddling kind of puppy over-excitement." Though I suppose you could count my nonstop chittering about any impending trip and my packing for it as a verbal type of puddling, soooo.... yeah. Hit me on the nose with a newspaper and let's call it done.

And, hells yeah, I always pack that one dressy set in case of magical lovely foreign gentleman dreamdate... which never has been and likely never will be used. But the packing and having of it, just in case, is never not fun and inspiring.

@kmeltzer Yessssss! Like Tetris, indeed! It's so viscerally satisfying to pack it juuust right and not have any gaps or holes or lumps--just a beautiful, fully loaded suitcase, all compacted and Borg-ed out.


@goldenthorn: Every time I pack a "perfect" bag - the TSA tears it apart and leaves stuff all willy-nilly. :(


Ummm, willy, nilly at the last minute. Kind of a hybrid if I am pressed for room. The last trip, I was looking for clothes right up to the minute I zipped up the suitcase and left.

I generally pack what I think I should take and then take out around half. My theory is where I am going has a store and I have a credit card. Overall I do pretty good. I rarely need to buy something although I try to leave extra room or take an extra bag for purchases.


I roll the everything but the socks and undies. I then hang what I plan on wearing in the bathroom and the shower steam removes all the wrinkles