questionswhich would you rather have the htc one or…


iPhone 5. Muahaahaha! but seriously if I was choosing between Android phones I would choose the HTC. But this is based on never handling either of these phones so my opinion is really moot. I just didn't want you to feel unloved with no comments yet. :)


I am probably biased, but I would take the GS4. I have the GS3 and it's a great phone. I have never had a complaint about it and I've heard really good things about the GS4.


I haven't done any research on the HTC but yesterday I did research the S4. I decided to NOT purchase the S4 for these reasons:

1. When you purchase the 16GB version, only 9 GB is available due to screen memory, OS, and apps you cannot uninstall taking up some of that memory (sort of false advertising).
2. Even though you can use a MicroSD card, you cannot install Apps on that card on the S4.
3. It has a hi-res screen but it uses some weird diamond shaped pixels that is causing purple fringing.
4. The battery consumption is horrible. People experiencing it draining the battery 50% overnight without even using the phone.

If the 32Gb or 64Gb version becomes available soon, maybe issues #1 and #2 would disappear but you still have #3 and #4.

As it stands now, the S4 is out for me so I'd start looking into the HTC One specs.


@cengland0: re: apps on an external SD - that's a google thing unfortunately. with the s3 samsung specifically re-enabled that functionality. The vanilla jellybean and beyond installs disable this, and it's up to the OEM's if they want to allow the feature. I wouldn't be surprised if the s4 supports it after a few samsung specific updates.

as for me - I currently have an s3 and haven't been all that thrilled. I need my phone for two things - calls and emails.. and to that end, my years old blackberry 9700 did both better.. though the s3 is certainly nicer to look at lol.

I won't be sticking with android for my next go-around. I've already given up on i-products. I'll likely give a windows phone a try - i've used a friends lumia 920 and was pretty impressed. HTC has some nice windows phones coming out in the next year. If only RIM would get it's act together, i'd return to the fold.. as it is though - they can't make a product to compete :\


I'm not up until next year (so I guess I'll get to see what's new next year), but it's a hard call between those two phones. Both phones I don't think you will regret purchasing. The HTC is a very nice phone that does well a pretty good job with photos in low light whereas the S4 does horrible.

I like my S3 and I can't think of any feature that I would really need at this point. I've used the Windows Phones and I really liked those phones. If you are a big social media person those phones are the way to go. Facebook and the like do not need apps it's basically built into the phone so when you go to the contacts and select a user it shows all of their facebook info.

I stopped using facebook after I switched to the S3 because I hate having to open up the app and scroll around with the WP you can hit the what's new button and see all new posts.

HTC will sound better when watching any kind of movies due to the front speakers which I am envious of.


Started with a iPhone 3GS, and after a year, got the Galaxy S which I loved, now I have the Galaxy S III, and love it more. I do more on my phone than my PC, so Android works for me in ways that my iPhone never could. As for HTC, I never owned one, but a couple friends have had them over the years that had minor issues and they both have Galaxy S III's now.


I have the original HTC Evo, and love it. I have been looking at both of those phones myself. I have not decided what to buy my husband (I hate talking on phone so I have him do it while I play games and surf). The pluses and minuses are just about even...

HTC plus: sound, screen, ease of use (because I already own an HTC phone).
minus: no sd card slot (MAJOR -), battery on every HTC I have owned.

Samsung plus: Newest Android OS, reviews of SIII are awesome (but so are the reviews of evo 4g lte), battery life is supposed to be better, sd card slot.
minus: I have had bad experiences with Samsung products being slow, not working, and software issues on previous phones and mp3 players, customer service, current reviews.

As for actual storage on htc evo has very little actual on board storage. There are some apps that will work fine from the SD card, but most will not allow you to move them without rooting and using an app for that.


The forward facing speakers on the HTC one is a big plus for me but the fact that it doesn't have a spot for a SD card is a huge draw back. I toyed with the idea of getting an iPhone 5 but the screen size is laughable after my HTC 4g Lte... If only the HTC came with the latest version of the OS out of box this would be an easier decision.


I personally haven't considered the One due to the iPhone-esque non-removable battery and lack of SD card capability.



If the HTC One had an SD card, that is the way I would go, but since it doesn't I am still looking. One of these days I might even decide which phone my husband needs...


Forgot to mention that Samsung Kies (what you use to sync your phone and get updates), sucks. I have never had a good experience with it. With my WP as soon as I plugged the phone in Zune (yeah laugh all you want lol) would launch copy all my pictures to my "My Pictures" folder and copy my movies, etc; With Zune you can make a phone image so if something goes wrong you can then put that image back onto the phone, which Android can't do unless you root.

I have not yet had Kies sync anything even after telling it to sync and so far I have lost interest in figuring out what is wrong.


I would choose the Samsung for one big reason. HTC puts a hardware lock on their mobile hot spot.

I have unlimited data on my plan. I should not need to pay more money to use the true capabilities of my device, i.e. mobile hot spot. It’s like buying a car with four seats, but then needing to pay more if you want to bring passengers w/you in those seats. Androids licenses legally allow me to circumvent the hot spot programs that charge me this additional amount of money. HTC puts a chip in their phones that stop you from doing that w/ out rooting the phone. That is why I would choose Samsung over HTC. And the reason I don’t root my phones is because in 15 years I have only ever had 1 phone that I have not need to call in the manufactures warranty on so rooting would nix that.


I have had an HTC thunderbolt since almost day one and every update makes it worse than before. I am not happy with the usability of the sd card slot on the SG IV or the camera quality. I am looking at the Samsung note II even though i could never put it in a pocket, Casio has been leaking stuff about the C811 since September and i loved their tuff flip phones, and Keroycea is making a tuff smart for phone for Big red soon too so; i have been up for a new since Feb and am waiting for something to really be the phone that every one likes that is open source.


@philosopherott: I never knew that HTC blocked that, I thought it was through the carrier software. That is a HUGE selling point!!! Thank you so much for sharing that! :)


I'm on Verizon, so they already made my choice for me. (GS4)


@zapp brannigan: Are you sure? I always thought it did as well.


@slamit665: United States [edit]

On July 26, 2010, the United States Copyright Office announced a new exemption making it officially legal to root a device and run unauthorized third-party applications, as well as the ability to unlock any cell phone for use on multiple carriers.[19]

On October 28, 2012, the US Copyright Office updated their exemption policies. The rooting of smartphones continues to be legal "where circumvention is accomplished for the sole purpose of enabling interoperability of [lawfully obtained software] applications with computer programs on the telephone handset." However, the U.S. Copyright office refused to extend this exemption to tablets, arguing that the term "tablets" is broad and ill-defined, and an exemption to this class of devices could have unintended side effects.[20][21]


@zapp brannigan: Thanks for the knowledge! The community and free knowledge you get from that community is still one of the best deals you get here!


Personally I'd go with the S4. I've had both HTC and Samsung phones and here's what I've found:

~Samsung phones tend to have better battery life overall. Their battery capacity also doesn't "depreciate" as quickly as those of the HTC variety.
~I've had quite a few problems with HTC phones just deleting system files, essentially bricking my phone (thank goodness I had insurance!)
~Because of popularity the Samsung phones will have a better selection of accessories.
~NFC! Honestly, I love the NFC tags. I have automated settings for when I get into the office, arrive home, and even stuck a tag in my gym bag to check-in at my gym and start pandora.
~HTC tends to discontinue services without warning (HTC sense anyone?) while Samsung at least tries to support "gimmicks" on their older phones.
~Sturdiness: I've broken the screen for my HTC twice, while I've never broken a Samsung.

Ultimately it's up to you, but I have personally found the Galaxy phones to be better for my lifestyle.


I ordered a One due to access to it for cheap, but neither phone is perfect.

As for the S4:
Good god, Samsung put a lot of their crap on it. I don't give a hoot about Samsung's App store. If a phone ever cried to be flashed with a vanilla ROM, it's this one. There are ways around the SD card application restriction, though they're imperfect.
The Touchwiz stuff is a love it or hate it thing for many. I found the "eye control" features to be gimmicky along with the gestures in front of the camera. As I sat waving my hand in front of the phone struggling to get it to scroll down, I thought to myself, "Why the hell don't I just touch the screen to scroll down?"
I imagine having the front camera constantly looking for a pair of eyes or an object in front of it can't be great for the battery life.
Swappable batteries are a plus, I guess-- but I've never known myself to actually carry them
The complaints about a PenTile display are pretty much moot at this resolution, and at best nitpicking.


The One has it's troubles too:
I find the aluminum body thing gimmicky and something that's just prone to dents. Hated it on Macbooks, don't care for it on my car's rims, and it's the same story here for me.
Not having 4.2 at launch isn't a awfulr but I actually rather like Google's gesture typing, and the enhancements to Google Now in there are useful for those who use that service.
There are many armchair engineers complaining about a "death grip" thing a la antennagate ca. 2010. The One has antenna diversity and I personally know an engineer at HTC-- his take on it is the reason you don't hear about dropped call complaints is that it's not causing them, and using a few bars to represent something as complicated as signal health is kind of a joke anyway.
I don't like Blinkfeed. It seems like a poor man's live tiles. You can't disable it without installing another launcher.
While I like the idea of better phone speakers, the idea of sitting and watching a movie on a tiny screen silly.


Those came across as pretty negative, but both phones are pretty nice and I could do with either.

It's a pity the One will probably get overshadowed by the Samsung behemoth, but on the plus side if Chow steps down it could bring Cher Wang back into the spotlight-- I'd love to see a VIA partnership if they can make something that can compete halfway decently with Intel's Silvermont (a definite longshot, I know).


@shinespark: I wouldn't watch movies on it either but I do watch youtube videos a lot or listen to music on my phone.


@slamit665: Fair enough on the Youtube, but personally any time I'm using a phone for music it's either headphones for me or a bluetooth speaker.


@shinespark: Most of the time it's through speakers or bluetooth in my car but I hate wearing headphones so if I'm just sitting by the pool or hanging out with friends I will just play it through my phone.