questionslooking for rock band 2 guitar(s) for ps3


weren't there a bunch of guitars posted on the deals side?


@hobbit: I think the OP is looking for those that go with his game, though.


@hobbit: The ones he wants are very specific, none of the aftermarket guitars have that calibration unit that the Rock Band 2 guitars have that are used for the Rock Band 2 game.


@catbertthegreat: Hey, thanks for the leads already, though I was hoping that maybe somebody here knew some "sooper-sekrit" website with some exceptionally good deal. And you're right, I very much prefer the first-part controllers over any third-party ones. It's extremely rare to find any game controllers where the knock-offs work better than the originals.

For what it's worth, I almost got the Beatles limited edition set at Sam's Club on clearance last week (their last unit was marked down to $62 on clearance) except that it was the Xbox version and I need PS3. So if anyone else is reading this question but wanting the xbox version, it couldn't hurt to go check your local Sam's.