questionswhat is the best way to store cigars if one does…


Depending on how many, or how long, get a chunk of dried cedar, get it damp, and drop it in a large tuperware, or other plastic storage box. then, get a small square of Sponge, get it damp, and put it in a small plastic container within the larger container. This will keep your makeshift humidor humidified.

If you don't have any dried cedar, then you can do without, but the idea of the cedar is it helps keep the humidity level somewhat even. (those salmon planks work, unless you've already planked salmon on them, then you'll get a fishy tasting set of stogies)


@waltertangofoxtrot: Great! Thanks for the info.

So after I have the cedar (the non fishy kind) and sponge in their plastic contiainers, I then just place the cigars in the large tuperware on my cedar plank? Oh, and should I seal the large tuperware?


That is/was a good deal, but my advice would be to not buy it unless you already have a humidor or give them as gifts very soon. Without a humidor, the longest a cigar will stay fresh is about 2 weeks, and about 4 days if it's just sitting out.
Also, there are always deals on cigars, just google it and you'll find plenty. I recommend buying one or two locally whenever you're in the mood, or finding a deal on a starter kit (humidor, etc. etc.).


@poang: yes, put the cigars in there, still in their individual celphane tubes, and they should be fine. If your cedar plank is wet, you will want to wait for it to dry out, or you'll end up soaking the cigars on the bottom.

then, yes, you will want to close the lid and seal it up. you will want to see if they're too dry/too damp before you smoke them, and plan accordingly. the quickest way to tell is to gently squeeze the cut end of the cigar. If its squishy like a sponge, then its too damp, and you'll want to leave it out for a bout a day before you smoke it. If a very light squeeze makes a dry, crackly sound, then its too dry. you'll want to get your sponge wetter to encourage more humidity for the rest of the cigars.

If its too dry, it'll burn unevenly, and leave a plume of smoke coming out the end thats way too big. If its too wet, it'll have a hard time remaining lit, burn unevenly, and you'll feel like you're not getting any smoke from it at all.


VERY IMPORTANT, keeping your cigars at 68-72% humidity is only half of the equation you also want to keep them in a stable environment of approximately 70 degrees F.

If you can't afford to get or don't want to get a humidor, but enjoy smoking the occasional cigar, or give them as gifts, you can always buy a digital hygrometer to make sure the humidity is correct in the tupperware or ziplock bag where you are storing them. The best way to calibrate them is to take a tablespoon (a soda bottle cap can be used) of salt and dampen it with several drops of water, just enough to saturate it. Then place the cap in a ziploc bag with the hygrometer (do not add your sponge or cedar). After several (~3-4) hours it should read 75%, if it does not then adjust it to 75% for proper calibration.

Once calibrated you can then make sure your sponge or cedar block is moist enough, to maintain 70% humidity. If you keep your cigars at 70 and 70 they should last a good long time and age nicely.


Thanks all - great information.