questionsshould pirates be the next meme retired by woot?


Tomorrow is International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

So go ahead, set your Facebook Language to "English (Pirate)" and have a blast!

It will be over soon. This is no Hallmark holiday. No expectation of needing to spend money or any of that. Have fun with it.


please note that Bacon has been resurrected and there are items up as a Woot Plus deal over on Home.Woot


Woot doesn't have the authority to retire a meme.


Implied but not explicitly stated was retiring the meme from future themes, events, shirt topics and narratives. Clearly no single entity or community can abolish a meme, smarty pants.


@birniei: There's a bacon woot plus sale going on and a little while ago they were selling bacon on the main woot site so it looks like they don't have authority to retire bacon even locally.


yes and then have be a bacon pirate day


When can we get rid of zombies and glittery vampires?


I love me some pirates. Pretty sure they can't be retired, I've seen 'em come back from Davy Jones locker itself. They're a lot like Zombies, but smarter and prettier.

And they prefer bacon to brains.

Maybe we can have a battle of the pirates vs zombies vs glittery vampires, but then I'd want to import some fairies and fey. Aye, it's good to be a pirate.


It would make the Pirates Vs. Ninjas Shirt side sales a litltle one-sided, don't you think?


My timbers hurt from all of the shivering. :(


Who does Woot think they are? Do they think they can just decide which memes can live and which must die? They can't just go around playing god! IT'S MADNESS! MADNESS I TELL YOU!


Welcome back bacon! Woot, I take back all my bitter rabble rousing now that you've reversed course on my beloved.