questionsdid i miss the memo about not asking what was in…


Out of all the BOC's Ive gotten, my first few (back in the day) were awesome.. now they seem to be similar to yours.. except add a kids-barbie backpack =D..

I miss getting 4+ Sansa MP3 players, Darth Vader cells, Vinyl Star Trek Figurines, GPS's, etc..


I've sorta been coveting that goofy turkey timer. Even though we usually do our turkey a la Good Eats Romancing The Bird and use a higher end thermometer, my kitchen junk drawer needs something like that to pull out on Turkey Day.


Congrats! Sounds like you hit the BOC lottery. I've been pleased with the 2 I've received, and there's always the satisfaction that comes from beating everyone else ;)


You can list it here. The link is usually listed somewhere in the first dozen pages of the Woot Community BOC discussion.



I want one.........:(


I forgot to mention the bar of Extra Virgin Pure Olive Oil Soap (whose list of ingredients includes panthenol propylene glycol, chlorphenesin.methylisothiazolinone, Yellow 5 and Blue 1.

It's actually very nice soap and something that will be used.


@107bear: Patience is a virtue. I've been around since early 2005 and didn't get a BOC till last November. Come to think of it, though, I'm not sure I'd been trying to get before 2010 or so. For the most part, of course, it's just a ... wait for it ... crap shoot.


@lavikinga: You want it? You got it! PM me with an address.


Hey! I just noticed someone changed my original tags! I cannot imagine why someone wouldn't like "you-want-to-put-that-probe-WHERE?"


Go to woot and hit community. Click on last post and you'll find the forum for the BOC. It's around 60 pages right now but everyone is posting pictures and the contents of their bags. Mine is suppose to be here the 6th.


@maggie3052: Many thanks for the pointer -- I don't frequent that side of the playground very much and I don't think I'd have found the place on my own.


@magic cave: Truly? Oh BOY! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!



No BoC for me this time... :(



I also use Alton Brown's method with a more capable timer/thermometer.

I have four of the Turkey Timer things, two or three of them unopened. If you want more than one, PM me your address and I'll send you one or two more.


i was waiting for someone to ask :)

I got a logitech skin kit for psp,
32oz box of fleur de sel caramels,
broken chuck norris (still awesome),
2 straw things,
purple shopping bag,
and bags of air.

Woot <3


@lavikinga: I was going to offer you a Turkey Timer too! Looks like you already hit the jackpot. I have a box filled with excess BOC items ready to go to Goodwill, and I haven't even received the one from the last Woot-Off.


@cornellbigred: over in the forum that jsoko has linked there are instructions on how to fix your Chuck Norris doll :) it's somewhere around pages 59-61


@magic cave: Let's just hope that's not a refurb'd bar of soap before you use it! LOL


@reginafilangee: :::digging through the trash to find the label for a very careful review for "refurbished" notations:::