questionsbeen skinny dipping?


Ah, skinny dipping... not an uncommon occurrence when I was a young man, but now that I am well past my prime I'm afraid I'll have to pass....


never done it in town - too many people to get upset, but in a cool mountain lake after a long trek in the sun or in a natural hot spring - why not? It's what they were invented for isn't it?


@tarasadies: Same.
Often when young.
These days it's "put something on, nobody wants to see that"

j5 j5

Yep, and still would if I wouldn't get arrested where I swim now.


@jkaleda: Thanks, that was my reply. :( Seriously though, it has been many moons since I did such....good times. :)


Long ago and far away. That's about the only reason I'd like to have a pool in my yard.