questionsanyone else feel teased by woot about shipping…


Woot ships FedEx SmartPost (for the most part) for packages. USPS won't receive the package until FedEx drops it off. Track using FedEx first.


Sometimes tracking numbers aren't all that reliable either. If someone at the post office/ warehouse doesn't scan the code, then it's as good as not having a code at all.

Definitely do check Fedex (I had a package I kept trying to track through USPS and kept getting nothing, until I read the email for the 50th time and realized it wasn't sent via USPS), but even if they didn't scan it, it probably did ship on or around the 7th.

Today's only the third business day since the 7th, though. So unless you live super close to the shipping center or paid for faster shipping, it'll probably be a couple of days. Fedex doesn't operate on weekends.


@thedogma: Tell me about it. Once or twice I've received the item I ordered before I got the shipping email. I liken it to time-travel :)


@pdxchris: my Roku that i ordered on last week is coming via UPS. check your tracking number on the UPS tracking site, see if it shows there. mine is being delivered today, coming from Arizona to the east coast

wedit: i just checked, mine is waiting for me when i get home tonight. UPS!


I'm still trying to figure out the "new" woot.


So I just got it in the mail. Appears that it was an error with USPS tracking and not Woot. Sorry Woot! Love you!