questionsdoes anyone have any levenger book bungees--new?


Oh noes! I love the bungees!

Are you looking to buy some?


@magic cave:

Depending on price, condition (new), I'd be interested.


@anngrobosky: I have one black and one red one, never opened, still in their cardboard sleeves. They're spares, and I'm not trying to make (or lose) money on them.

If you're interested, you can send me a PM here and I'll give you more info.


@anngrobosky: Oops, forgot you're new. To send a Private Message [PM], go to and log into your account. Click on the link above, type whatever you want me to know into the text box and send it. That creates a "trail" that I can then use to reply to you with specifics. If the specifics work for you, you send me a name and address for mailing, and I'll send you a Paypal address for payment. As soon as I receive payment, I'll drop it (or them) into the mail for you.


[wry grin] apparently not all that interested.


@magic cave: even a new member knows better than to get involved with you. And look--you gave him all of 20 hours to respond before you showed your true colors and brought out that classic magic_cave "charm" we all love.