questionswhat is the best type of food to have for…


Nothing with onions or garlic - basically anything with strong odors. ;)

Anything homemade makes the day special, you know, if you put "love" into your recipe. And by "love" I don't mean anything nasty (like body fluids - ewww!)


@brotherhalo: EEEWWWW!!!!

food is not what makes it romantic. it's supposed to be about the who that you are with and the why you are with them, not the stuff.


Food prepared by hands other than mine! And that goes for clean up too.


Growing up, Mom always made spaghetti on Valentine's Day. Her reasoning was that everyone was already wearing red so sauce stains weren't as big of a deal. Not terribly romantic, but it does make the laundry easier.


Whipped cream in a can. Chocolate sauce. Chocolate covered strawberries, super easy to make


i think only if you are with your lover,then whatever food will be a good food for valentine's day!