questionsis apple driving up e-book prices?


Don't know a lot about this; do know that Amazon was blamed when the "Agency Model" went into effect (because of Apple). Amazon was NOT at fault, their hands were tied, so to speak. Yes, prices did increase for the 5 major publisher's books. Was Apple to blame? IMO, yes. Will be interesting to watch. Secretly hoping that something does come of this.


Short answer: yes. Have you noticed completely insane eBook prices on Amazon (e.g. hardcover is $19.99, ebook is $18.99) with the notation "This price is set by the publisher"? Ever wonder why?

Now you know. Clear collusion on the part of Apple and the pubilshers. What is also mind boggling is that this is despite evidence that total revenue increases tremendously when eBooks are priced reasonably.


No question about it. Apple inks out every penny they can from everyone except their own pockets. They are more than happy collude, whether their partners in crime know it or not. The DOJ couldn't take down Msft, hopefully they can take down the fruit.