questionswould you teach your kids to play chess?


Absolutely. My ex taught our son to play chess. He really enjoyed it. Many schools still have chess clubs.

Son loves playing table games like checkers and Uno.


my 5 and 7 year olds love video games, and they both like chess.
Critical thinking and the value of planning ahead are great lessons for life that can be learned from chess.


I taught my son to play chess when he was little. Now, he's 13 and attended several chess camps and I can't beat him any more. Proud or annoyed...I think I'm a bit of both.


I don't have kids but I I think chess is a great game for anyone to learn. It can be played at so many levels and does teach a lot of critical thinking skills. I wouldn't push my kids to play, but I would teach them and, if they continued to be interested, definitely encourage them.
I also know a kid who got a scholarship for chess. Full ride for his undergrad degree.


I think chess is worthwhile and I played it in school. Not sure how I learned how to play.

In fact, I started the chess club at my high school. Unfortunately, there wasn't anyone to take it over when I left, so it probably died :( .


You bet! All four of them are learning. Great critical thinking exercise!


If they want to learn, I'll get someone to else teach them. There's no way I would do it. Now backgammon, checkers, chinese checkers, and the multitude of card games my grandmother taught me, those I'd be happy to teach.


Table games are great family time whether its one on one or more players.

Our daughter is only two but wife and I try and get together with friends and have a games night once a month or so, when our daughter is old enough she will join us as well.


There are some things that, at least in this country, one needs to know in order to be considered educated. Knowing how to play chess is one. Even if your child ends up not liking the game and never playing again, they have some idea of the game.


video games teach quick hand eye coordination which is great for small children learning critical skills ( and just plain fun for all else )

Table games like chess teach a lot in one easy place like Strategy, critical learning, planning, sacrifice ( as in lose one for the good of the whole ) and much else that are good parallels to life.

I dont know how many people will know what this is, but I like to play Warhammer 40K.... it is a great table top strategy game using little plastic ( or pewter ) pieces, dice for movement and attack and such. Very fun game, but the point is you can have hundreds of pieces on the board and you have to pay attention to all pieces at all times. Games like Starcraft and Red Alert teach somewhat the same, but table top games make you memorize the rules instead of just clicking around until the game lets you move... I think table top games teach you a much more firm grasp of the concepts, and give you more respect for the way the game is played.


Do they not make chess for most video game platforms?


As a former rated player (not grand master), I gave my kids some instruction as they were growing up. (We have a beautiful bronze and pewter display set in the living room, as well as a standard Stanton wood set for everyday play.) Unfortunately, they lost interest by high school. But I would still think it is a nice introduction to strategy games for kids to learn chess.


I recommend a game called "No Stress Chess". I used it to help teach my daughter chess when she was 5. It adds a random element to the game in that it has a deck of cards, each one with a chess piece on it. When you flip a card, the piece revealed is the one you have to move. It was great because if she lost, she wasn't as frustrated because it was just luck of the draw. Meanwhile, she learned the pieces, the moves and, gradually, the strategies of the game.


I would, it'll give them something to do when the machines overthrow us and we are deprived of our technology, or when the power goes out.


OK, total nerd/geek side of me here, but I actually varsity lettered on the chess team in High school. Yep, chess TEAM, not club. Top 7 players on the team would compete against other schools every week. My 7 yr old enjoys chess so much, I'm thinking about getting a chess clock for us.

Traditional board games still are preferable with my kids. They learned about battleship on an ipad, and when they found out there was a "REAL" game, as they call it, they wanted to play that.


The computer taught my son chess, and he loves it!

I, on the other hand, prefer board games like Parcheesi, or even Scattergories or Trivial Pursuit or Pictionary. UNO, Euchre. Something that gets real people interacting with real people -- IN PERSON! Imagine that!


I would, but I'm too rusty and 2 of my 3 my kids are gone from home.


I absolutely would. Chess teaches so much more than a game. It teaches strategy and critical thinking skills that carry into many more areas.