questionswas it just an air conditioner or was there a…


I saw the a/c, then searched the blog for "bag" and "crap" to no avail ... so I have no idea.


There's something funny with the pricing on woot and home.woot.... cant figure out a BOC connection though


Yeah, I have been looking and cant find anything. If it wasn't for all the server traffic I would give up. I just feel like im missing out on the fun at this point!


Still trying to figure it out....


I figured it out. You need to look at the various error messages.


Can't find anything different


Ok, I'm just typing out loud here, but does anybody think that the robot might have a part in this? That SCAB thing? Might be a clue.


@axphw1: I think Woot is too smart for me, care to elaborate?


there was one on moofi, sold out


@brays3440: I don't think that was it. The link I have seen for that goes to a 1 year anniversary which was in June of 2011.....

Maybe there is another link but the floating around seems to be old. Also not the crap commandments version 3, last BOC went to 4.


GAH, I've been looking for almost an hour now...I'm about to hit the hay and give up.

Good luck all!


This sucks, I can't even play the Bags of Crap delivery game while waiting.


This AC is a piece of crap. It used to be on ebay through a seller named Daily Steals. They tried many things to make my purchase a pleasant one, but when you pay 240.00 for something, you want it to work! It sucks! IT is loud, constantly needs drained, and mine was broken when I got it! It is not worth searching for--trust me! I bought one from this ebay link and it is a total and utter mistake!