questionsis it strange to visit old neighbors after you…


Are you actually friends? Exchange birthday and holiday gifts, entertain each other in your homes, spend time together doing more than just neighborly activities, like movies or dinners out? Or are you just neighbors? Talk over the back fence, occasionally share backyard cookouts, wave as you each drive off to work? If the former, then probably an occasional visit would be fine, just as you would with other genuine friends. If the latter, then probably not, since the relationship is more akin to having work-friends, where the 'friendship' ends when the working-together ends.

OTOH, when my parents passed away, former neighbors who'd lived next door to them for 20+ years but had moved across the state 10 years earlier came back for the funerals. You can always give it a try; if it feels awkward, you'll know not to make plans for future visits.

I don't see what being across the street from your former home has to do with it.


Why not have a cookout in your new house and invite them? If they seem to think that's odd then it was probably a "friendship of convenience" and you should let it go. If they welcome the invitation and return it with invitations to activities at their house, then it may be a lasting friendship worthy of nurturing. The family I bought my house from lived in it for 63 years. The kids grew up there, and formed lasting relationships with people in the neighborhood. For several years after I moved in I would see them visiting people up and down the street and say hi. Other than feeling like it put some (welcome) pressure on me to take good care of their family home it wasn't uncomfortable at all.


I think you should define strange. The behavior is not strange but I can see how it may feel strange to be so close to a home that you formerly occupied, especially if you were there for a very long time. Congrats on the new home I wish I were in your shoes!


What is strange is when the people who bought our old house asked us over for a party. They wanted to show us what they did with their new furniture and accessories. They email photos and even ask my wife for suggestions. I think they liked what we did to the house and have similar tastes.


How far away are you moving? Just across town, or moving to a new city/state? Are you talking about driving a half hour across town to visit for an hour or two, or driving 6 hours across two states to visit for a weekend? I see nothing wrong with remaining friends and hanging out, but it's certainly easier to do when you're fairly close. If this is a long-distance move, perhaps it's easier to stick to email/text/social media to stay in touch for the most part.


Like others said, it's not strange to visit people who are your friends. It might feel strange to be across or next to your prior home, until such time as the new place replaces "home" in your mind.
I do like to drive by prior residences to see what has changed since I've left. I don't make a point to talk to whatever neighbors are still there from when we lived there, but then, I'm a jerk so no foul. :D

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Why would it be strange?
What is strange is that you are worrying about it, and posting on a deal site if it is OK to do.
Are you seriously worried about this, or just posting something for the sake of posting something?