questionslnkd: do you think it is going to go up?


I was an early adopter on Linked In. I've watched it go from something where you could connect with people you'd worked with, or people you knew in a work related capacity, to a sort of Facebook for people who want to show off how many connections they can make, no matter how useless or pointless those connections are. I don't connect with anyone I don't know. I disconnect with anyone I do know that starts connecting to everyone that sends a request.

Currently, I use it mostly as a sort of online resume. Of course, that would be more useful if I actually wanted to return to work. I don't. I like being retired. Would I buy the stock? Not a chance. I wouldn't buy Facebook stock either. Someone's going to make some money on this, but it won't be the people buying LNKD, that's for sure. About the riskiest thing I own is BRCD, and that's just a few hundred shares.


People are getting back into tech stocks, and they're getting kind of stupid.
If you can get in on day one around $45, my guess is you can get out at $50+ within 2 days.


@kamikazeken: You won't be able to get in at that price, and most people will take the ride up, and not sell when they should, and then it'll price down around where it should be, considering that it doesn't really even show a profit as a company. Facebook at least has paper profits (and no, I wouldn't buy that either). Amazon and Google are still decent investments (disclosure: I own shares in both of those indirectly).


@shrdlu: I read that "it is like facebook" then you say no money is to be made. My gut feeling based on what you said is to buy.

*Disclaimer I personally think the stock market is no better then gambling at at a casino.


@caffeine_dude: I'll say it differently, then. I don't play the penny stocks, nor do I try any of the other things where people think they're going to make money beating the big machines and their microsecond timing. If you mean to get in when normal people can buy, on the day of the IPO, be prepared to pay a premium on this item (you will NOT be able to purchase it for the price listed above). Whether that stays around the stated price, rises dramatically, or falls right away, depends on so very many factors. Remember that Wall Street often reacts emotionally to things that are unrelated to the item in question.

If you buy on the way up, and then are smart enough to get out before it drops, you can make some money. Yes, it's gambling. As I said, I own Brocade. If that's not gambling, I'd like to know what is. ;-}

Most people will buy when it's near the top, and then sell on the way back down, and take a loss. Happens all the time. Don't be one of them.


So? Did anyone manage to buy this today? I see it nearly tripled in price (although I'm pretty sure only institutional buyers managed to get it at the original price, or even close to it).

Just curious, and no, I never even went near the stock market today.


@shrdlu: actually, it went just over doubling in price. It hit the market at around $85 from what I read, topped out around $111, and ended around $100.I think the news said it went up 106% by closing.

I get the feeling there are some millionaires working for them now...

what's risky is that they only had $15 million in profits, so stock is trading at around 500x earnings right now. If anything, this is a preview of what will happen when facebook goes public.


@kamikazeken: Actually, it tripled briefly, and then fell back to the value you saw at market close. People working there who have stock will be enjoined from selling it, so they are only rich on paper until whatever time period they signed up for expires. I used to know all the requirements, but quit caring about such things when I retired.

It hit the market at market open around $49, and rocketed straight up from there. It tried for the stratosphere, but I got bored with watching after a while. I think that Netscape was the eye opener on whether people will shell out money for dreams and promises, rather than for common sense. The largest item in LI that has value is the large base of personal information from professional people. If they leave in droves for the next thing, the price will drop like a stone.

I may comment further, but it's early, and I lack the required filtering for posting here.


Topped at 122, and is now falling, with the rest of the stock market. My guess is that in about six months, it'll be valued at around $50, or perhaps $55, which is still a profit for those able to buy it at the initial price (and that would be almost no one outside of the institutional buyers).