questionsdid you hear there is a royal baby?


I fall in the "really tired" category. I've got a lot of British friends and they've all got this weird love-hate thing going with the royal family. Also, my friends get really angry if anyone that's not British rags on them. Even though they're just a bunch of inbred cousins with a big pile of money.


Duh. They named it North.

Kidding. And yes


I'm happy whenever I hear about a new baby that is born into a family who wants them and will love them. Doesn't matter if they are down the street or in a palace in another country. It's all good.


@okham: Let's pick a name for him!

I vote for "Ghengis".


I was hoping they would have a girl. The next two in line are kings. They'll be ready for another queen by then!