questionsshould the cursing baby doll be recalled?


I would not buy it, and I don't know if there are people who would for their small children. As a joke for an adult, maybe.


Not necessarily recalled, but clearly labeled. People should be able to buy it but they should know what they are getting. Sounds like one of Santa's elves was not whistling while he worked.


ToysRUs is presumably refusing to pull it from the shelves because they say it's just baby talk and not swearing. This kind of thing has happened many times before-- remember the "pro-Islam" dolls?

The tricky part is once someone tells you the potentially offensive interpretation of what the doll's saying, it's almost impossible not to hear it. So even if ToysRUs decides not to stop selling it, news reports like the one you linked may quash sales even it it was only baby talk all along.


No matter how many times I listen to that garbled sound that can't even be considered English, I don't hear profanity. Sounds like baby talk to me.


Sadly, I've seen parents out in public who use much worse language than that in front of their kids...and at them. It is really hard these days to be around the public and not hear swearing. Nevertheless, if there is a chance a parent would be offended, the doll should be labeled with a warning.


It does sound like she is saying b!tch. The youtube video (6 seconds long) is the only way to hear it. The "newscast" has it bleeped out so it could be ordering sushi for all I could hear.


I listened to it on a few sites. I decided this one was the least apt to be deleted. I thought I heard the F word but only, as someone has pointed out here, after I read that it was supposedly using that. I had thought that someone had played a trick by recording raunchy stuff, but evidently either there is none or as posted by others, a warning should be on the box. I think it is pretty funny - but not for a little one who would be repeating the gibberish.


local radio show played it with the "let's have sex" elmo from a few years ago, and finished with the "islam is the light"...

"let's have sex" "oh you crazy bt7ch", "islam is the light"

I was laughing so hard the kids looked at me like I was having a stroke.