questionswhat are good deals on kitchenaid mixers?


If you have a Kohl's charge you can get 30% off their sale prices at the moment and then get the rebate. That's usually the best deal I see on them. Otherwise, the Newegg deal sounds pretty good.


A little cheaper here if you (or a friend) have a membership:
Caveat: this is for in-store pickup where available. S&H from is extra.


If you keep your eye on Kitchenaid's Ebay store, they sometimes sell the 5.5 quart mixers (in all sorts of colors) for $199 -- they're refurbed. However, when I ordered mine, they said they ran out and sent me a brand-new one. When it came, it had a rebate form for another $50 off. I sent it off and got the rebate too. I talked to a few others that ordered over the past few years and they had the same experience as I did, so it's not uncommon.

I think the one I got was an Artisan series in Ice Blue. It normally sells for $300+


Why is this under everything but deals? Isn't this pretty much exactly the opposite??


The big difference between the pro and the artesian line is the power. I would advise you make sure you know what you are going to use it for first. If bread -- you want to go pro. Even in the pro line there can be different wattage -- so check them out.
I would go w/ the most power you can afford if you are going to be doing bread.
If not, then the artesian model should be ok.

They do have great deals on the refurbs on ebay. { link that @capguncowboy gave you }

Happy baking !


Kohl's will price match to most other stores and then let you apply a % off coupon if you have their card. Depending on the manger working at the time you try it will work better than some times. Some will let you match to an online price, story policy is that it has to be an advertised price so you need a paper add. I've heard of them allowing 30% off after price matching but I've only been able to get them to do a 15%. If you can pick it up when they are doing kohl's cash you end up with $50-$60 to spend a few weeks later.

I was able to get the 6 quart professional for about $260 with the free ice cream maker attachment and $50 in kohl's cash last year. You might have to wait a bit for the sales and promos and coupons to line up right but it's worth it if you can find the window.


I got a Lime Green KithenAid Mixer at a yard sale for $4.00 dollars last year, all the attachments and the bowl was perfect. Production date was 1974. It works perfectly. I was thinking about geting it restored, by why, it's a unique item, funky color, runs great and makes the best mashed potatoes,


@mkentosh: I'll give you $10 plus shipping for it. That's a 150% profit! :)


@mkentosh: I will see @capguncowboy's offer and raise it by $5!

To the OP, whatever you decide to do be SURE to clip the proof of purchase info from the original box if you want to take advantage of the rebate! DH gave me one of these for Christmas a few years ago (Romantic, no, but I asked for one) and pitched the box with all of the gift wrappings before I could clip the bar code. KitchenAid would not honor the rebate even though we had the original receipt and a picture of me opening the box. Lost out on $50. Still burns!


Oh, and if you do end up buying one, it looks like they have rebate offers available through the end of the month:

Perhaps that'll make the decision easier.

@mkentosh: I'll up it another $10. That's $20 plus shipping. 400% profit!


@mkentosh: Lime green?! I want a piece of that! $25 + shipping!

Going once
Going twice......


@belyndag: I was thinking about ebaying it, I think I could easily get $125 bucks for it, but not ready to let it go just yet.


@mkentosh: Dang! I was hoping you didn't realize that! Ah, well. I'm a lousy bargainer, anyway. Would love to see a picture of it, though! Lime green!


Everyone else here sent you to the same places for pricing that I would have, so I'll stick to personal experience.

I have the Artisan, which is really useful... but forget about doing a double batch of chocolate chip cookie dough in it. Just doesn't have the oomph. If you like to bake, esp. heavier dough, or if you need room to room, or adjust the bowl - go with the Pro.


@mkentosh: The older ones are actually made better. The parts are higher quality. I'd hang on to it or sell it to me. I'll raise the last bid by another $25. I lost track of where it was at .


Just know that the bowl lift mixers are quite a bit taller (almost 17") than the tilt head and that may be an issue if you want to keep it on the countertop underneath a cabinet.


I agree with @kmiller4, I keep my bowl lift Epicurean on the island. I actually have never attempted to put it under the cabinets, so I have no idea if it would even fit.


@fletchallb: Most upper cabinets are at least 18" higher than your countertops. That's the standard, so if you've added trim to the bottom of your cabinets or changed your countertops, that may vary


I saw that and wondered if woot ran the mixers on sale because of this thread. weird coincidence?


You know that is kinda of funny. The deal ends up about the same either way. I do think I will go with the professional as I like making different kinds of bread.

Thanks everyone for your help!