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This isn't a real faith in humanity story, but it's nice. A few days ago my wife left for work (I leave before her) and she left the garage door open. My neighbor who works third shift came home and thought it was odd that it was open with two of our cars gone. He tried calling our house phone and no answer, so he went to the house and rang the doorbell and only heard the dog barking. He thought about it for a second and decided to close our garage door for us. We live in a nice suburban area so I doubt anything would've happened, but I do have some valuable tools in the garage that would be easy to steal for someone just driving by.

Probably won't restore your faith in humanity, but it is just always a nice reminder that the good guys are looking out for each other! We've since swapped cellphone numbers with our neighbors so we can be reached wherever we are.


friend of mine went to visit her parents with her family of 5, driving a big ol van at christmas time. they stopped at a gas station and were having problems with their debit card reading in the pay-at-the-pump. they had the cash in the account, so that wasn't an issue. multiple people stopped to ask if they needed some money for gas and had cash in their hands trying to insist they take it. it was really nice of the people.

i had a master cylinder break on my rv while in a diff state. we had the skills to replace it, but parts store (that had the parts) was about five miles away. hubby & dad started walking to store when guy from local diff type store showed up & asked me & mom how he could help. we told him what was going on. he went & found the guys, took them to the store, & brought them back. then gave us his number in case we needed another ride to the store. he also offered to go get us some food & drink. we sent several thank yous to his company telling how great a guy he is.


This video:

It's the Coca-Cola Security Cameras video they compiled and posted.


It was cool reading some of these (and I really liked the video); I hope more people join in.

I was thinking back and remembered one day that was pretty cool. I was having a lazy day and didn't really have anything to do or anywhere to be. I saw a guy who wasn't moving in the turn lane and asked if he needed help. He said he did (which actually surprised me a bit), but as I started to help him, another guy ran up from out of nowhere to help push.

About 5 minutes later (no joke), I came across a truck that had lost a bunch of lumber in an intersection. The traffic was simply driving around and not helping. I figured I should pull over and help, and during the time it took me to pull over and get out, six other people had done the same. One guy was even in a suit, and it was a pretty hot day. I thought it was really cool that so many people had stopped to help out a stranger. =)

Anyway, I'm looking forward to what other stories of kindness people have experienced.


OK, go to this thread:

Look at @smtatertot13 response, about 8 down. He references a video. Read the response for the backstory, watch the video. I'm usually not much for gushy, but this was pretty good.

Oh, and about that Coke Security video: I'm wondering what happened with that couple in the elevator. i don't think I would have used the term "love". It seemed a bit baser than that.


@wilfbrim: That was a beautiful video (made even better by the Avett Brothers). The hopeless romantic in me loved it.

Also, someone just linked to this on Facebook a few minutes ago:

That's a pretty cool secret to keep for 30 years...


Unfortunately, with the job I've held for the last 18 months, my stories would head the other direction. Some people just seem to want to take the Dark Side in everything.


The reason I don't watch the local news any more is because it's too subjective and they very rarely provide any stories that would help restore my faith in humanity. Instead, I subscribe to The Week and just catch up on major worldwide news that's presented in an objective manner actually providing both sides of the story/argument. And one of the best things is a little section called "It wasn't all bad" that provides a few heartwarming stories of people acting humanely and going out of their way to help others.


I am a government employee working with social service providers. So my opinion of humanity tends to run daily from dark (politicians) to light (dedicated humanitarians). Being an animal lover, a lot of my saddest and most uplifting stories are centered around them. One of my go-to places for thinking well of humanity is a refuge for orphaned baby elephants in Africa. Poachers kill the adults for ivory and leave the babies to die a lonely and terrible death. At this rescue, volunteers agree to spend a full year 24/7 one on one with these babies till they are old enough to join the juvenile herd. They are with them constantly, sleeping on cots beside them. This dedication and kindness to another species just blows me away.


We were in Disney a while ago eating at a restaurant in one of the parks. There was a family of 8 on the other side of the room. You can tell one of the boys (maybe 15 or so) had a severe case of Autism. Every now and then he would scream and then the family would calm him down. It got to the point where they could no longer calm him down and he was getting louder and louder. Eventually he started to physically hit a few family members and the family had to get up and escort him out of the restaurant all while he was still punching and kicking.

You could tell the family was not only embarrassed, but also helpless. My wife and I felt bad that this was going on during their vacation and we really did not want one little event to ruin their trip. So right before we left the restaurant we anonymously paid for there meal and then split.

We have no idea what happened after we left, but hopefully it made a very difficult situation a little more bearable.


I watch TED talks when I am feeling uninspired with humanity.

Like this one, about human ingenuity in the face of crappy conditions:
Or Mike Rowe making the case for, you know. work:
or musing over "awesome" things:
Or Ken Robinson being all clever and British.

And then I know that good is happening all the time, every day.


Our neighbor (a widow) had her house ransacked over a year ago. The thieves took everything, urinated on furniture and rugs, dumped baby powder on everything, stripped all her copper pipes and broke every window to her basement.

To make this short - a group of neighbors and friends got together and helped clean and rebuild her house. Within 4 months everything was fixed or replaced.

It was an amazing act of compassion. I still hold that when I start to lose faith in people...


@wilfbrim: @smtatertot13 is a female. On topic, nice answer. :)


@jsimsace: Aww, thanks for remembering that i'm a chick!

@wilfbrim: And yeah, that video and story are seriously inspiring. Since then, the office pitched in to print 3 of the best stills from the proposal to frame and give to the lovely couple. Unfortunately we didn't have the opportunity to give them to the couple at the same time, but the guy was really touched. I'm hoping that the woman will be happy with the gift as well!

@jordan711: your story reminds me of the most important thing. There will always be jerkfaces out there doing something awful, but there really will always be someone(s) awesome to come together for a better outcome. And thank goodness, really!